Following England’s World Cup victories, “It’s coming home” was all over the news/headlines/internet. And now after the Three Lions’ World Cup exit at the hands of Croatia, its memes are spreading like wild fire.

Like it is said, “As you sow so shall you reap”. The over-enthusiastic England fans are now paying back for their premature celebration. Take a glance at the compilation of funniest memes in the internet following England’s World Cup exit.

Inspired from Japan, the English team cleaned their dressing room but they left a note as well (old habits die hard).

England cleaned the room and left a note

This is exactly how an England fan would be.

It's CROming home.

Well they never saw this coming. Over here “THIS=CROATIA”.

Rakija > beer


This is me when I see English people spamming it's coming home!

Awww, that heartbreak though 🙁

Is it coming home?

That’s cold.

They're going home.

The latest edition of London Has Fallen starring Mario Mandzukic (Sorry, Gerard Butler).

Mario mandzukic

Well yeah. They do have a point. Can’t argue on that.

Keep the dream alive lads

There goes a smart England Croatia fan.

Its Croatia

The harsh truth.

It was in 1990..

The frustration is understandable. We feel you.

They came home, alright.

Every Croatia fan/England hater right now.

Good night everybody.

This is how an England fan would be during the final.

English people watching the finals like...

That escalated quickly.

Its coming home!

That too.

It's coming home

Now something from the Croatian point of view.


Croatia certainly says “NO”.

The World Cup is not a meme!

They had no clue what would hit them. So that’s okay, right?

It's not coming home!

The internet right now!


You had been warned. By MODRIC!!!!!!!!!

Hold your beer England

English fans at the start of 2022 World Cup.

Every English Person right now

Yes. We all suffered and now it’s their turn.

We need your help Croatia!


I'm sorry for England, you played a great WC, but in the end you might have been overconfident

Even poor Pickford wasn’t spared.

Perfection !

That’s hilarious.

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