So, it is good news for all the Deadpool and Marvel fans as The Deadpool 2 trailer has arrived, and it is absolutely thrilling what Deadpool does with his toys, we can also expect a lot of plot hints about obscure X-Men and see the return of plenty of faces as it is not just Brolin who is a new face. Zazie Beetz will make her debut as a mutant, while Julian Dennison will also feature as an unidentified character. Let’s check out all the complete breakdown and Easter eggs.

Let’s first talk about the badass character Cable, as we see him fight through a terrible future of burning buildings. If you are not good with the comics, Cable is a character from future timeline who comes back to right what once went wrong.


We can also see a moment in the trailer when our hero Deadpool understands that the special effects on Cable’s arm aren’t done and then he does little movie promotions. Does that remind us of Toy Story!


Deadpool-Toy Story

We can see Deadpool and Cable fighting, but they also have a common enemy – the DMC (Department of Mutant Control). We see Deadpool in a yellow jumpsuit in a DMC prison. Cable is seen battling with DMC to make his way into the prison to kill Deadpool, but later we can see both Cable and Deadpool assaulting a DMC transport vehicle.


Before we ask, is that a gun with a knife? Yes, it is, and what a weapon to have. Zazie Beetz’s Domino is killer because her unique luck-based mutant powers enable her to ditch the bullet and ensure that her shots are on target.


While we are still not sure about the character of Julian Dennison, the shot of him surrounded by fire in the last teaser is giving us some hints to believe that he might be playing John Allardyce (Pyro), who is in the comics as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.


Well, it is very difficult to keep up with the casting news, we can see a surprise new cast in the trailer. Terry Crews, The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star standing alongside Deadpool, Domino, and with a few fighters in the back of a helicopter.


We can see Deadpool wearing a suit that has been repaired with duct-tape. The main areas repaired are his toes, his thigh, his midsection and his upper arms, which begs the question – what exactly has Deadpool healed from?

Deadpool fighting


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