Avengers: Infinity Wars is all set to release in India on 27th April which is a week before the release in USA. It will also be released in Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden on April 25; Brazil, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Singapore on April 26; followed by Bulgaria, Japan, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and Vietnam on 27th April.

Super Bowl on Sunday released one more trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and we are getting desperate day by day waiting for the release. While the first trailer showed us that Thanos is all set to invade Earth and destroy it, the Avengers will have to unite together to fight against the evil. Will they? Who all will survive? Stay tuned, all shall be revealed by April 27.

While there are theories and facts rolling around as to who will make it and what will happen next, all we know is that this is going to be path breaking! Never seen before action, emotions and drama will unfold. Taking forward from Civil War where we saw 2 teams of Avengers, Team Cap and Team Iron Man fighting against each other with different perspectives towards the same goal.

The trailer starts with Iron Man declaring, “So this is it, it’s all been leading to this” alongside Spiderman is Iron Spidey suite and Doctor Strange. There seems to be a new alliance forming up here.

Source: Marvel Studios

We then see Vision and Wanda using her power to help vision control the mind stone. A more detailed shot was shown in trailer one and we know that both are now together and trying to lead an ordinary life. But how long will they be able to do that? Time will tell…


Source: Marvel Studios

The next shot is seen with Thor and The Guardians riding across space. Trailer 1 did show the detailed encounter between the two parties. However, considering this to be a mini trailer, the dialogue exchange is limited. Lot has happened after the last interaction between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Trailer 1 showed that Hulk crash landed at Doctor Strange’s Sanctum sanctorum and this one shows that Iron man and Banner are now face to face and team up against Thanos all set to conquer and destroy the Avengers.

Source: Marvel Studios

Loki’s fate has always been in question. Trailer 1 showed Loki walking amongst the pile of dead bodies of Asgardians probably killed by Thanos. Will he hand over the Tesseract to Thanos and survive? We strongly doubt the latter.

Source: Marvel Studios

Spidey and Captain America are back in the game. Spidey is seen climbing a mysterious object which landed in NY in trailer 1. Captain America is seen with Black Widow and Black Panther.

We then see that Captain America has a new Shield probably given by Black Panther?

Source: Marvel Studios

What was missing in the last trailer was the entry of Nebula who is now seen gearing up for the battle that lies ahead. The war is right here in Wakanda and New York. The alliance is definitely on the cards and there is no second thought to it. But how are they all gonna unite and who will survive? We will know it once the movie is out! Till then we can just keep guessing!

Source: Marvel Studios


Watch the 30 second trailer here and get ready to be fascinated!

We are ready, are you??

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