Looks like Christian Bale is a shape shifter! He seems to have a pact with his body where he can transform it without too much ado (apparently). In his latest outing as Dick Cheney, a biopic on the former US Vice President called Backseat; Bale has put on a ton of weight.

And as is the nature of Twitterati the big (pun intended) reveal of the ‘look’ went viral. And as is our duty at Dopewope to get you the latest and the best, here are the best memes:

The dating trap

Look it’s Joey’s hand-twin

My eyes doth deceive me

When just taking care of your body is too mainstream

Fitness level: Christian Bale

Hodor? Hodor. Hodor!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky

Mommy take a picture mommy

Make up isn’t for real men!

If you’re Christian Bale then I am Batman

The struggle is real my friends

Dad bod

Because, I am Christian Bale too

The secret of his success – pies

What rabbit hole have I entered into?

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