We have already established that Black Mirror is a real coming of age horror series that’s so much more than just screams in the night and badly done makeup. In case you missed the memo, here is a ready reckoner of just why the show is a genius and apocalyptic portrayal of everything wrong with today’s world. Here’s a recap of the last three seasons: http://www.dopewope.com/real-horror-looks-like-black-mirror-watch-trailers-decide/

So far three seasons, with thirteen episodes have been released and Season 4 is expecting release in 2018. When exactly, no one knows; the Netflix gods haven’t given that information yet. We do know that this season is getting darker and will have six episodes.

Here is what we know so far:

Episode 1: Crocodile

Similar to The Entire History of You (S01E03), the episode is set in the near future where memories are no longer private and can be combed through to find what you’re looking for. The twist (because always remember, this is Black Mirror) is these memories are unreliable.

Episode 2: Arkangel

Directed by Jodie Foster, it answers the question of every parent – how best to look after your child? Inspired by the concept of ‘helicopter parenting,’ if the trailer is anything to go by, maybe parents are taking the safety of their children a little too seriously? Or are they?

Episode 3: Hang the DJ

What would you get if Black Mirror decided to do a rom-com? After you get over your astonishment, this is exactly what you can expect from Hang the DJ. A tinder-ish technology, this episode is ‘lighter’ and more ‘playful.’ I don’t know about you, but this scares me more!

Episode 4: USS Callister

Described as a “space opera” if the costumes are anything to go by (they definitely have a Star Trek vibe), it will be Black Mirror’s most extravagant production yet. Here is what the creator, Charlie Brooker, has to say about the episode, “Callister is very dark in places and it’s got moments of comedy that you maybe wouldn’t have expected a few years ago from Black Mirror.”

Episode 5: Metalhead

Shot in monochrome, a fast paced episode (it is about 38-minutes long), this too takes a leave from the usual Black Mirror humans dealing with human dilemmas. It feels more like a cat and mouse chase from the trailer. Though it isn’t clear who is the cat and who the mouse.

Episode 6: Black Museum

An episode that looks like it is set in the same universe as White Bear (S02E02) it appears that the museum contains collection of very bad crimes committed. Wonder where they’re going with this.

Ooof! We already have the chills seeing the trailers. Which of the six are you waiting for the most?

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