Indian skipper Virat Kohli turned 30 today and DopeWope would like to pay a homage to this man in a different fashion. Here, on this day, let us not go after the most chased topics like ’10 Times Kohli stunned the world’ or ‘5 times Kohli helped India win the match’ or ‘Virat Kohli’s top 5 centuries’. Nah.

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Let us talk about something like, ‘What would the Indian team be without Virat Kohli’. Isn’t that quite some question?

Let me be clear that, here I don’t intend to say the Indian team is entirely dependant on Virat. But yes, I’d like to say that he is truly the anchor of the team. Imagine if we won’t have anyone who can stay formidable against spin and pace, at home and away soil. Kohli is a complete package for us.

Ever since he started playing for the Men in Blue in 2008. He has been breaking records and scoring runs as if it’s a cakewalk. 10 years into his career, Kohli is already the second-most century getter in the history of ODI after Sachin Tendulkar.

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His equal passion for the game and fitness has made him the great player that he is today. If it wasn’t for Kohli, Indian team would stumble under massive pressure on away soils as there is probably not anyone like Virat in the team who plays equally well at home and away from home.

Also, there won’t be an Indian name in the record boards. Yes, after Sachin Tendulkar’s era, it was Ponting, ABD, Chris Gayle and the others taking place in the stats book. Then came Virat Kohli, pushing them all behind with his sheer consistency.

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For the player he is, for the captain he is, for the inspiration he is, DopeWope wishes Virat Kohli a Happy Birthday!

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