Bikers are a breed that doesn’t have many bounds, or safety features. They are always in contact with the surrounding elements and still keep on pushing their bike and luck to the limit. Even while doing so, they want to take care of everything. Including their texts, calls and sometimes the navigation. Some of the super-skillful ones are seen on the road using phones with one hand, riding with the other with earphones in and most probably not a helmet on. Well, you know who you are and nobody can do anything to help you. But, if you are the responsible rider who just needs a little more access to their utilities, here are some things to make your life easier and safer.


This is the helmet that Tony Stark dreamed of when he was three. its got an HD rear-view camera, Sat-nav, Lap-time recorder, blackbox, bluetooth intercom system and all that information on a heads-up display right in the corner of your eye. Wear this and you will feel a tad bit closer to Iron man on your 125cc ‘monster’. Although the helmet might cost more than your bike, its totally gonna be worth it. It costs $1,899 and will take a while to get delivered. BUT, worth it.

Roame Zeroes

These are a replacement for the regular riding shoes that are bulky, ugly and inconvenient in general. These shoes have your protection sorted with D3O padding on the top of your feet and near your ankles. The outside is made out of abrasion resistant leather and it looks pretty neat too. The shoes also have LED lights in the sides that connect wirelessly connect to your braking and indicator system and illuminate accordingly. Believe it or not, visibility is every bikers best friend! The product is available on kickstarter, Indigogo and can also be bought through their website and they cost around $399.


Nuviz created a HUD system that fits almost all helmets and gives you all the information need right in your eyesight. This device attaches seamlessly to the helmet and lets you control music and calls while also having information about your GPS. You also have an HD camera to record your ride. The company claims to get you all the information in your “line of sight” and you get a handlebar mounted controller that lets you go through the information without taking eyes off the road! It costs $699 and the company offers free shipping to the US and UK.

Brake Free

This super bright attachable LED system helps improve a bikes visibility by a lot. It attaches to the back of a motorcycle helmet and connects wirelessly to the bike. The light illuminates after tracking decrease in speed even when slowing down via reasons other than braking. The company boasts of a 2 hour charging time that will provide about 8 hours of battery life. This device costs $124 and is available in two colours. Namely, Black and White.


More of an aesthetic customization than a safety mod, this one still helps with visibility while making your helmet look a lot more bad-ass. It is a LED tube that is connected to a pod that is detachable and chargeable via USB. Lightmode offers a large variety of colours and ships all over the world. They offer different kits too. The price varies from $129 to $169.

Fusar Mohawk

the Mohawk set offers an HD action camera, activity tracker, communication device, navigation unit, music player, black box and emergency alert system for your helmet. It uses a universal action camera mount and can be mounted to the side or the top of a helmet.  This device costs $549 and is also delivered all around the world.


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