Kingsman 2 released last week after being pushed from the original date of release in June 2017. For all of you who are not aware, Kingsman is an action comedy spy movie. The prequel Kingsman : The Secret Service was released in 2014 which turned out to be a solid hit. The movie plot revolves around the Kingsmen needing to team up with their American counterparts, the Statesmen, after the world is held hostage by a new threat.

Watch the trailer below:


While the fans were happy and excited about the release, the meme-gang wouldn’t let this one pass! Internet went into frenzy with the most hilarious memes of Kingsman. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, fret not, you’ve got 2 more details to book tickets for the weekend!

Go ahead and let us know which one’s your favorite:

Kingsman 2
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Need some gyaan on date night??

Kingsman 2 date
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Kingsman 2 Colin
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Women ruling out the 50 shades of Grey over Kingsman is definitely hawwt!

Kingsman 2 Wife
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The husbands and the “man-of-life” category are absolutely happy about it! 😛

Kingsman 2 perfection
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Talking about ‘Manners maketh Man’..

Kingsman 2 manners
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Can’t miss out the reactions on the epic church scene!

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Kingman 2 characters
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The teachers and professors will agree with this one 😛

Kingsman 2 classroom
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Kingsman 2 50 Shades
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kingsman pugs life
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When you had Enough! OK, where’s my Gun!

While the men enjoyed the action, sarcasm and suits so far, women shouldn’t be left far behind.

We have something for all the female eyes.. <3


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Kingsman Colin
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Kingsman booted
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This is us everyday…

harry hart
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If you haven’t yet watched this uber chic movie, you need to head out right away! And do let us know your favorites from the movie.

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