Forties is one of the most interesting periods of your life. Most likely you are going to feel yourself young again, but much more confident than you were in your early twenties. Most of the men at this age are attracted to women ten to twenty years younger. Of course, the major reason why you attract younger girls at that age is your experience, something that guys of their age can’t provide them with. But you need to be in a good physical shape to keep up with your young girlfriend. 

The Workout

You are quite lucky if you haven’t given up physical training in your mid twenties. If so, this article is ultimately pointless for you. In the same time, most of men forget about any exercises by the mid twenties or early thirties. You life is getting more or less stable, you have a wife or a steady girlfriend that you don’t need to impress. Most of your time is devoted to your job, so there is little to no place for physical training. But you should devote some time to working out if you get the appetite for younger girls. Getting or staying in shape after forty can be summed up as mastering the basic range of motion and body mechanic. You are getting your body strong by moving, and your body must be comfortable with moving. And by the age of forty you moves are way more limited than in your twenties.

“Oh, no! I don’t want to go to the gym!”, these are probably your first thoughts when you are thinking about working out, but you don’t need to worry. If you somehow ashamed of getting into the shape, while other visitors of the gym are staring at you, you don’t have to. The workout that we are offering you is so basic that you can practice it in the gym, as well as in your garage. We offer you five simple exercises that are probably well known to you. But you are most likely not aware how efficient they are. The required equipment includes a dumbbells, shoulder machine and a barbell.

Box Squat

You need to use a dumbbells for this kind of exercise. Put the bar behind your shoulders and perform five sets and five reps. This exercise would help you to control the basic hinge movement.

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Front Squat

It’s better to use barbell for this exercise. Holding the bar in front of yourself, perform five sets and five reps. This exercise would help you to keep your torso upright.

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You would need a barbell for this exercise. Holding the bar down make five sets and five reps. This exercise would help you to keep your back in a stable hinge.

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Shoulder Press

Adjust the handles of the shoulder machine for them to be on the level of your shoulders. Make a five pull-ups and five pull-downs. This exercises helps managing your trunk under weight.

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Bench Press

Use barbell for this exercise. Lying on your back with a barbell in your hands make pull it up and down five times. This exercise is as good as swimming, as it keeps your shoulder, as well as your press, in extension.

You should perform this workout three times a week. Start with 20-pound barbell and dumbbells. Then add five pounds with each new workout.

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