This past Sunday was April Fools’ Day when no one actually believes you no matter what you say. Tech companies, including Google, begin teasing new products, services, or outlandish concepts to prank their customers and followers. We have put together the best pranks that tech companies played this year on us wherein some looked really funny and witty, some quite inane, and some really stupid.


While  the phrase ‘Where’s Waldo?’  is not generally a part of the Indian pop cultural vocabulary, Americans, Britons, and Canadians are very familiar with it. ‘Where’s Waldo?’, or ‘Where’s Wally?’, was a series of puzzle books in the elementary school in the US and Canada, and the UK, respectively.

Waldo is now making its way to Google Maps in a new game that has users searching for Waldo all over the world. All you need to do is go to Google Maps app or website, and Waldo pops up from the left and look for him all over the map.


Next up is Google Cloud Hummus API, which is Google’s answer to the eternal decision of which hummus to choose. Google is helping you out by rolling out a new API ‘quick lick test’.

Another prank that Google had up its sleeves was the Gboard swipe for hardware. Gboard app is very popular on Android and iOS, platforms for its boost to productivity, amalgamating Google’s various services such as Search, YouTube, and now Tenor’s GIF search. With the Gboard swipe for hardware, Google offers typing on a physical keyboard with swipe gestures, as you would do on a smartphone’s virtual keyboard. Moreover, this also comes with Machine Learning, so it will learn your typing behaviour as you swipe across the keyboard. 


OnePlus is exploiting with this year’s big fad – Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies to prank social media followers. Last week, OnePlus began teasing that the company is mulling its own blockchain currency, which it later revealed in an enticing promotional video. Called PeiCoin, named after co-founder Carl Pei, the new cryptocurrency by OnePlus ‘never settle[s]’. OnePlus claims that it will allow mining cryptocurrency blocks on your OnePlus smartphone and also provide no-fee transactions.

The company even released a video featuring Carl Pei himself talking about how this new technology will change the way you use blockchain.


This April 1st, Ola started a new news channel called ONN (short for Ola News Network) featuring its own drivers, as well as Share riders, as journalists and field reporters. Videos posted by Ola on its social media platforms look realistic and are a play on the demand for more localised news – they take it to the extreme with topics such as why is there no electricity in your house while the neighbours can be heard giggling over the jokes on a TV show.

Last year, Ola annouced a new service called Ola Wheels that would ease your commute inside buildings. The Ola Wheels electric scooter would take you from one part of the building to the other in case you’re too lazy to walk.

Reliance Jio

This is the first time for Reliance Jio where it is used the hype that it generated in the country to mess with everyone. Jio last week announced what appeared to be a battery management app – Jio Juice. There was a little information about it, making people believe it was a well-kept secret of the telecom giant. However later, Jio released a video on social media that revealed that Jio Juice had been a prank.

Jio Juice is a new technology by Reliance Jio that will charge your smartphone wirelessly as soon as your insert the Jio SIM card. Now, this sounds immensely stupid we’re pretty sure no one fell for.


Pokemon got rejuvenated last year when Nintendo released Pokemon Go and it took the world by storm. The game was so popular that at one point it exceeded Twitter in daily user count. Nintendo said that it would be releasing cutting-edge 8-bit graphics for the augmented reality game. However, not all users would be able to enjoy the game due to the heavy demands on phone hardware


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