Withstanding hunger for someone like me or anyone is quite difficult. I become this food-obsessed hungry monster who loses her calm at the drop of the hat. I become what you or any millennial would call being “Hangry” and ever since I have moved out of home this phenomenon takes place quite often. Swiggy, Zomato, and other food delivery services have been a savior for many like me. But god forbid the day your food doesn’t reach you on time. Your wrath on the guy who delivers the food and the customer service executive would be brainless crazy!

But a good samaritan took up the job to educate people a little and make a difference in the lives of the men who deliver our food to us on time! A lot of cities have seen a dip in temperature this year and these food runners literally are forever out there making sure that people receive their food on time. They fight harsh weather and make sure that our lazy asses can get our favourite Ramen Noodles pipping hot when delivered. What they do get in return from us is a shrug or no kind words at all. He pointed out how these guys aren’t even provided with a proper winter gear to fight the cold and still deliver the food with a smiling face.

He urged the users of these food delivery apps to at least be kind to these amazing people or give them a decent tip to make their day a little better. Twitter knew they had to spread the word about this guy’s gesture and kind of made his post go viral. Check out the tweets here!

So, folks, the next time you order food and its not on time don’t get mad instead thank the person who delivered it to your place. A little bit of kindness goes a long way and can actually make someone’s day!

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