Admit it. We all dreamed of a world where humans and Pokemon lived together in harmony. Well, Warner Bros. just made that dream into a movie.

The distributors released the first trailer of Pokemon Detective Pikachu via their YouTube channel.

The movie seems to be about a young guy named Tim (Justice Smith) whose father has gone missing. Tim partners with Pikachu, who was his father’s associate. Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The funny part about Pikachu talking is that only Tim can understand what he is speaking. For the rest, it’s nothing more than a ‘Pika Pika’.

The movie’s plot came as a surprise for many as it doesn’t feature Ash Ketchum or Pokemon training or Gym battles or nothing that you’d expect it to be. It is just a cute little Pikachu trying to be a detective and help a boy find his missing father.

To be honest, it would take some time for you all Pokemon fans out there to let the fact sink that your childhood favourites are now similar to textured living soft toys. The trailer featured pokemon like Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur and Psyduck.

The movie is directed by Rob Letterman. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is said Pokemon Detective Pikachu would hit the theatres in 2019.

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