As a dad, Batman would also need a car that can seat more than 2 people and is comfortable. But, I dont think minivans with sliding doors and baby car-seats would be Batman’s thing. So Karlmann built an SUV that even Batman would love (and only a few as rich as Batman could buy).

The Karlmann King is the SUV that Batman would love. It has a sharp design inspired from a stealth bomber and the strength to go through houses and people altogether. the standard version is made out of steel and carbon fibre and you also get the option to buy a bulletproof version which is built with carbon fibre and bulletproof materials, of course.

It is based on the Ford F-550 platform and uses the juicy 6.8 litre V8 from the same. The engine punches around 400 bhp. But, with the standard version weighing around 4,500kg and the bulletproof version weighing upto 6,000kg, this SUV gets a top speed of only 140kmph.

This luxurious car gets loads of features too.  Hi-Fi sound, ultra HD 4K television set, private safebox, phone projection system and optional satellite TV along with optional satellite phone. Whoa, right? That’`s not it. You also get a coffee machine, an electric table, independent air conditioning for the front and the back, controllable neon lighting on the inside and so on. I don’t think saying this is a mansion on wheels would be an understatement.

All this luxury comes with a heart-breaking price too. The car costs around $2 million. Which translates to ₹14.33 crore. The company announced they will only be building 12 of these ridiculously expensive and luxurious SUV’s. Although there’s no announcement about how many are booked or sold.

So, if you are as rich as Batman, have a taste for crazy-ass cars like batman and want to drive with your family in the back, unlike Batman, go get yourself one of these crazy, expensive, luxurious SUV’s. Peace.

Broke, reckless and kinda funny.