One of the best ways to end 2017 is to get ready and geared up waiting for the most awaited games which are 2018 launch ready! I am sure this is the definitive look forward agenda for most of the gamers.

Let’s have a look at the game launches which await us in 2018. Some of them might not be big names but their gameplay videos look more than promising.

Crackdown 3 – PC,Xbox One

This one is from Microsoft and the gameplay genre is quite interesting – Open-world crime fighting! It has some good raw action. freeform attack styles which have made the previous versions everyone’s favorite.

Detroit: Become Human – PS4

The storyline is somewhat different where a stage has come where androids are finding out their own identity and individuality in the same world as of humans. This type of storyline and gameplay is somewhat different and we will have to wait and watch how does the audience accept its entry into the gaming world.

FarCry 5: The Resistance – PS4, PC, Xbox One

The next one to the insanely famous FarCry game series. With the open-world environment, immense opportunities to explore and with lots of ammunition and types of equipment to experiment, this one seems to be much bigger and a serious affair. Since its gameplay is based on modern day era we can experience some real issues like racial conflicts in the gameplay.

God of War – PS4

This one looks like a reboot which removes the focus of the series from Greek God’s and Norse mythology. Watch the trailer and you will witness some different gameplay, environment and demanding role-playing style.

Red Dead Redemption II – Xbox One, PS4

This one is from Rockstar, the same game development company which brought us the unforgetful GTA series  😈 The trailer conveys an open-world environment with stories to explore as and when your advance in the gameplay stages.


Metro Exodus – Xbox One, PS4, PC

The gameplay is set in a deadly wasteland which was Russia at some point in time. Get ready to come across some freaky creatures, mutants, deadly strangers etc. Dynamic weather, environmental changes awaits us in this new game.

Spiderman – PS4

This web-slinger hero is back with this game. With the new idea incorporation of open world and lots of combats and techniques, the gameplay trailer looks promising and the fans are surely waiting to get their hands-on on this game.


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