We all have that friend who would never spend a penny, but whenever chai is ordered in the canteen, these spongers would suddenly become magicians with the ability to make the chai-nashta disappear and vanish into thin air themselves when it’s time to pay the bill.

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They are the most kanjoos people of all time and are always looking for freebies, getting other people to spend money so that they don’t have to.

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And if you don’t have a friend like that, I have some bad news for you:

Then you are the person. Sorry, Mr Mufti Lal.

Sometimes people are so shameless, they take advantage of you because you don’t say anything about it. Those people see this and quite literally cash in on it. You will definitely run into such people in college, so here are a few handy tips on dealing with these phukatchands.

So what do you do when you meet these freeloaders? Here are some ideas for you:

Direct Way

Just be straight and tell them. This is your money. When you think you’re being taken for a ride, tell them that you don’t have money to pay for them and this is getting out of hand.

Separate Bill

You carry only enough money as needed for you. When you order, ask for a separate bill and pay only your share. Let the freeloaders deal with the rest.

People Who Borrow Money

When dealing with the borrower, you can try to avoid the conversation by changing the topic or simply explain that you are also short on cash. And while having this conversation, if you want to know why your friend is always in this situation, you can subtly ask: “I’m worried about you. Have you been having money troubles lately? ”

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Reverse Psychology

This is a tricky one. Only use this if you’ve tried everything and the problem of Freeloaders is just not going anywhere. What you do is you start paying for them and giving them things. Yes, you read that right. But you only need to do this a few times and even say things like “I know you’ve had problems with money lately.” They might be freeloaders, but they still have pride and this will make them feel ashamed and stop mooching off of you. Be careful when doing this, because some may actually shameless enough not to care when you say things like this.

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