There is a lot of expectation and excitement prior to any Apple event. While iPhones have hogged the limelight most of the time, the other popular devices from Apple, the iPads and Macs may have been pushed to the background. To be fair, Apple has not brought in too many changes to these products in the recent past for them to be occupying media space. However, all that is going to change, come October 30, when the company will unveil new and improved gadgets at a New York event.

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According to a report, the iPad Pro will be one of the products to watch out for in the event on Tuesday since some key changes are rumored on this device. The most important one is the introduction of the face ID and doing away with the Home button and fingerprint scanner. The other significant design change will be the edge-to-edge display with the bezel sizes being reduced to bare minimum. It is understood that along with the Face ID introduction, Animojis and Memojis will become available on iPads for use. The display screen will be LCD and not OLED, which are expensive.

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And the new iPad Pro will be added to the devices being run on the A12 Bionic chip, which is faster than the previous ones. Couple of iPhones released recently were fitted with this chip. They will be suitably tuned to operate on the iPad Pro.

Yet another change the new iPad Pro will bring with it is the charging port to suit the USB-C connector that Apple is now making the new standard for iOS run devices. It may also come with a redesigned Smart Connector.

Now, as far as the MacBook Air and Mac Mini are concerned, Apple is likely to announce many changes to these devices, which observers feel have been long overdue. Apple hasn’t updated the MacBook Air since 2015 but the company is likely to announce a new MacBook Air. One may see an all-new 13-inch laptop that is lower priced. The Mac Mini may also receive a revamp in the form of a more powerful processor.

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