When you think of a food critic or travel writer you would think of someone who is passionate about food and travel. Someone who is expressive. The word ‘badass’ does not generally come to mind. Anthony Bourdain is was a man who made travel and food in to his own version of rock and and roll. He was a great storyteller who made cooking and travelling sexy with the unique voice in his writing.

If you imagine this celeb chefs in a classroom, Anthony Bourdain is the smart-ass back-bench throwing dialogues at the teacher, knowing that while he might get three Michelin stars, but he has many other talents that set him apart and more personality than every other student combined.

A true rockstar foodie.

Bourdain had the image of a “culinary bad boy”, who delighted pushing the extremes of the food spectrum, whether it was dining on sheep’s t*sticles in Morocco or raw seal eyeballs in the Arctic. Besides a chicken McNugget, he said the most disgusting thing he’d ever consumed was unwashed warthog an*s.

He brought the world into people’s homes through his writing and Emmy Winning TV shows. His work had a unique attitude to it. By which I mean the guy gave zero f*cks.

7/25/2000: Anthony Bourdain, chef/author, is photographed

In his TV series, he could be found drinking beer with Barack Obama in Hanoi or walking around earthquake ravaged Haiti with Sean Penn.

“I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had as dining companions over the years everybody from Hezbollah supporters, communist functionaries, anti-Putin activists, cowboys, stoners, Christian militia leaders, feminists, Palestinians and Israeli settlers, to Ted Nugent,” he explained.

10/21/2004: In The Record Kitchen with Chef Anthony

Which is why the world was shocked to learn of his death by suicide today.

Many of the messages on Twitter from his fans expressed sadness but many also wrote of how much he inspired them, whether it be for being a better citizen, becoming more adventurous in food choices or just explore the world.

He travelled, ate, wrote, and he was always hungry for more. He will be missed.

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