1. You must get married before 30

Well whether you’ve achieved anything in life or not…whether you are well settled financially or still dependent on your Papa’s paisa. Whether, you’ve finished your college or school or even kinder garten… Girls! Mind you! You got to get married before you turn 30! That’s the deal with Indian parents and relatives. And beware before you attend your friend’s wedding in your mamma’s saree… aunties will be spying you all over to check your marital status!

2. Who does not like kids?

If you are one of those girls who believe that contraceptive is the best invention made by humans so far then you might be hearing this question most often. In India your girlishness is directly proportional to the number of cute baby posts you like and share on Facebook. Also, once you are married you must have kids and love them too, because if at all you say while cleaning their shit or making them sleep all night that you hate them then… This question will haunt you for sure.

3. You have put on weight/ you are so skinny!

A perfect hour glass figure is what’s expected from you ladies. Anything more than that or less than that is going to make people around you go on an advice-giving attack. In this kind of attack a person gives you unnecessary, unwanted and unasked advice on how you should have lemon and honey to loose weight or have banana and milk to gain weight!

4. Your bra strap is showing

Ladies! It is okay if you show some cleavage in a low cut blouse. It is absolutely fine to see that cute little belly button when you are wearing a saree. It is more than fine if a pervert is seeing through your net saree. But! But! But! It is NOT okay to show your bra strap in public. So pin it, stitch or stick it to your skin but your bra strap should be a top secret!

5. You need to be a great cook to impress your in-laws/ husband

Dance Mom Abby Lee

“Pati ke dil ka raasta pet se hokar jaata hai” – that is the best advice every mother has to give to her daughter before she gets married. Well after marriage you can figure out yourself other ways towards his heart though. Ironically the same mother cooks tinde ki sabzi everyday for your father and he never complains :p

6. Why can’t you dress up more like a girl?

Yes, that should be your answer to everyone who asks you that annoying question! And here’s a riddle for those people who gives such free advice – ‘If I wear a salwar kameez, I am a behanji…. If I wear a jeans and t-shirt, I am a tom-boy….. If I wear a short skirt and crop top, I am a slut…. who am I? Yes! You got it right! I am an Indian girl!!

7. It’s not safe to stay out after 7 pm

This rule is something that mocks our judicial system! It’s like putting the victim in jail and letting the culprit roam free. So how about keeping your boys indoors after 7 PM, because of whom the roads are unsafe for girls.

8. “He’s rich, he has a stable job, he is good looking and his family’s nice. What else do you want?”

Oh yeah! Why would I look for a decent, witty, intelligent or caring guy if at all he is rich and famous? Give us a break people!!

9. “Hold on. Pink is NOT your favourite colour?”

This is the first litmus test made in the world of patriarchy! A girl has to, got to, must have to love, adore, wear, share and layer herself with pink. Remember ladka hua to blue and ladki hui to… you are 100% right… ‘Pink’ is the colour for you girls 😀

10. Why are you travelling alone?

Fake assumptions are that if you are travelling alone that means you are ‘alone’. No boyfriend? No girlfriend? No papa or bade bhaiya to protect you while travelling? Oh girl! Your life sucks. You’ll be showered by warnings! Late night horrors, risky places and dreadful men, everything’s put into perspective! People do not understand the concept of solo travelling and for them you are a rebel who is out on the roads with her bags.

11. What? You don’t like shopping?

Patriarchy believes that the only cure for a woman’s depression is to go shopping! Well… Good News for you patriarchy… not all girls like shopping! Some like just eating and sleeping like you do 😀

Despite what people say, just remember girls, that you are awesome when you are being yourself! So just be.