Gone are the days when only men dominated the world of bodybuilding and fitness as this industry is changing day by day. The most common new year resolution people have is related to their fitness. But as usual, most of them fail to keep up with their resolution. We are giving you another chance to fix mid-year resolution but this time a bit differently. Everyone has a role model when it comes to fitness. We always wish to have a perfect looking body like your role model.

Today, we are talking about the Instagram fitness and bodybuilding sensation Anllela Sagra. Anllela is a Colombian fitness celebrity. She rose to fame with her Instagram page where she posts regularly to encourage her followers and fans. The 23-year-old has over 9,945,235 Instagram followers. She is clearly the fitness goddess with her perfect body. While she may just appear to be the fitness model with her unmatched physique and looks, it takes a lot to maintain the perfect body.

Anllela sagra5

Anllela never thought to become a fitness model that she is today. She was not into the physical training when she was young. She was more into the traditional fashion modeling. It is not just the regular workout but her well-balanced diet which keeps her in perfect shape.

Let’s have a little sneak-peak into Anllela’s diet which is the secret to her amazing fitness:

#1 Eat Regularly:

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Most of the people who look to lose weight and build a great physique have a misconception that skipping meals can help them lose their weight. If you want to lose some pounds and build muscle, you should avoid skipping your meals and eat at regular intervals. Anllela eats four times a day with a right eating plan combined with the right workout.

#2 Do not cut on all Crabs:

Anllela sagra1

Many people directly cut out all the crabs from their diet to lose the fats. But that’s a wrong approach according to Anllela. You need to cycle your carbs throughout the week. Anllela eats zero carbs on the first day of the week and as the week goes on she includes the carbs in her diet. The second day she takes low carb diet and the third day she takes normal carb diet.

#3 Protein with every meal:

Anllela sagra2

There are no doubts that protein is one of the most important macronutrients when it comes to building the body mass. For those who are new to bodybuilding, you should take one gram of protein per pound of your body weight daily to gain mass. Do not try to take up all the protein in one go instead, you should divide your protein intake evenly between your meals. Anllela eats chicken, egg whites, and veggies for the protein.

#4 Cheat meals:

Anllela sagar4

When it comes to the cheat meals everyone has a different take on it. Cheat meals are vital as your body works hard to burn all the extra calories, carbs, and fats which helps you lose the weight. Anlella Sagra takes her cheat meal four times a month which includes fries, peanuts, cheesecake, and burger.

Anlella Sagra is a real inspiration for all those who are looking to build a good physique. So, pull up your workout socks and start working on your fitness.

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