John Allen Chau, a 26-year-old American traveller faced the ill-fate in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, India.

He was travelling to the isolated island with a motive of leading the Sentinelese tribe to Christianity. The Sentinelese tribe are known for their isolated habitat. They have remained alone for centuries, rejecting contact with the outer world. Their hostile approach towards outsiders is a widely known fact. The island is off-limits to visitors under Indian law for security reasons.

Via his journal, it was revealed that John hired a small boat to get to the island and that he tried to interact with men who were about 5.5 feet tall with yellow paste on their faces. It was written in the journal that he said them, “I love you and Jesus loves you.” During the first interaction, an arrow was shot his way which pierced his bible. But even that, couldn’t stop John from visiting the dangerous place again.

It was later reported that the fishermen saw Chau’s body being dragged to the shore and buried.  Deepak Yadav, a senior police official in the city of Port Blair revealed John Chau paid five fishermen to take him to North Sentinel Island.

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“They were very well aware of the situation, but they still arranged for a boat and everything,” said Yadav. Police have arrested everyone involved in John’s journey to the forbidden island.

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