Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said when he was in the fourth grade, he and his friends pretended to be characters from Star Trek. The talking computer from the epic sci-fi space franchise, which was also being activated by the command “Alexa,” is what led Bezos to choose the activation word for Amazon’s voice-controlled smart speaker system.

Since then, the name has declined in popularity 33 percent, says a new study from the Social Security Administration conducted by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen.

Last year, Just 3,883 baby girls were named Alexa. That’s right, Amazon just ruined a popular name for everyone. Also, it starts with an “A”, so it’s going to be early in the alphabetical list of names in the baby name book. Now there’s more chance that-sleep deprived parents will have to go through the entire book looking for a suitable name for that crying, vomiting bundle of joy. Thanks, Amazon!

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant that launched on iPhones in 2011, has never been a very popular name. That name peaked in popularity two years earlier, when 120 female babies in the U.S. were named Siri, about 6 per every 100,000 girls.

Last year, 20 U.S. girls were named ‘Siri,’ or about 1 per every 100,000. So the study clearly shows that if you pick a name that has fallen out of vogue, literally no one cares.

This can work another way, though. I doubt anybody is named Cortana, but no one cares about that either because that particular personal assistant really sucks.

Are people afraid that their Echo will answer when they call out their kid’s name, or that their kids will constantly think that they are being asked to Google inane crap for them?

Or are they just tired of hearing about the personal assistant and have decided it’s time to retire the name for good.

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