Nothing can set the mood like music, and there is no other musical experience which can match the environment of a music festival. The crazy music being played by some of the best artists in the world is like nirvana for music lovers. That justifies why so many people attend some of the biggest music festivals in the world. The likes of Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Electric Forest, Ultra are attended by crazy music lovers each year.

Apart from people tripping on all kind of drugs and drinking all types of alcohol in the music festivals, it is not difficult to see why music festivals facilitate romantic connections. It is possible to fall for someone dancing next to you or for the one girl in a crazy costume or someone in the crowd you just bumped into but lose them after a quick hookup. Yes, you got it right we are talking about all the SEX that people have in these music festivals.

Tick Pick has recently surveyed around 1,000 festival-goers who have hooked up with a complete stranger during one of these music festivals. There were a lot of festival-goers who showed their interest in getting down and dirty while attending a music festival. There is not just the banging of head in the air drowning into the music but the other kind of banging too!

Keep on reading to know what exactly did Tick Pick discover after the survey:

The amount of Banging –


According to the research conducted it was found that the Electric Forest with 30.2 percent was the hottest festival for hookups due to the onsite camping and wooden location, perfect spots for the intimacy which was followed by Bonnaroo with 27.3 percent is another hit for some intimacy. The research also unfolded a few other details about things like oral sex, places to do the banging, and the positions people like to get into the act. With less than 15 percent the iHeartRadio stands at the bottom this might be due to the festival takes place in an arena.

The Oral affair –


Get over the coitus numbers as surprisingly, oral sex is more common at the music festivals. Over 46 percent of festival-goers had oral sex during the event with someone they just met. Now that’s quick! Leading its way with 28.2 percent Burning Man is the festival where most attendees had oral sex.

Spots to get laid –


Still wondering how do the festival-goers manage to get down between such massive crowds? Well, we have the answer! With 58.1 percent, tents where the hottest spot for sex which was followed by the cars with 48.4 percent. So, the next time you want to get lucky find the right spot!

Oh, the positions –


So, what are the ways people like to get dirty? Surprisingly, doggy style was the most preferred sex position among the festival-goers, way more than the traditional hit missionary position. Doggy style is followed by the standing up position which has its own advantages – you do not want to go down in front of the crowd!

We have some sex tales from a few past festival-goers:

“We snuck off into the field and had wild sex while people were passing by. It was fun, enticing, high adrenaline, and pure ecstasy.”

-29-year-old festival-goer.

“I was with a girl I just met and did her doggy style backstage during the concert.”

-28-year-old festival-goer.

“Just met an awesome girl, we had sex in my tent, and we continued to hook up throughout the weekend.”

-36-year-old festival-goer.

” I was working as a volunteer at a music festival and had a girl flirting with me while working at the ticket booth. Later in the festival, I bumped into her and a friend at one of the sets. We sat together for the show and she started flirting with me, then rubbing on me, then eventually she performed oral on me while the band was playing. Her friend was watching the whole time.”

-46-year-old festival-goer.

“The best place to have sex is during Bassnectar, in a hammock, hanging under the stage. The bass maximizes the pleasure.”

-45-year-old festival-goer.

“The most memorable one happened a few years ago. Iron Maiden was playing, and I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan. They suddenly started playing ‘2 Minutes to Midnight,’ and I was rocking it out when a girl accidentally bumped into me. She apologized and then just started kissing me. I didn’t refuse and made out with her. Next thing I know, my pants were already down, and we were already having sex while standing up as the crowd was headbanging to the music. I didn’t care anymore, so I left all shame and behind and just ‘rode it out’.”

-35-years-old festival-goers.

All in all, now we have a better idea that it’s not the music but a lot of SEX is happening at the music festivals!

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