A comfortable pair of heels is a dream come true for any woman! We love wearing these beauties but the kind of discomfort they cause is not something we look forward to. The way a good pair of high heels enhance a whole look and give our inner goddess that extra oomph! that she requires. But, a certain former Space X Exec has taken up the job to bless the women of the human race with super comfy heels!

Dolly Singh, a former Space X employee went from building rockets to creating the most comfortable pair of heels for us women! You go, SISTER! She built a team of geniuses which comprised of an astronaut, a rocket scientist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a fashion scientist, and started Thesis Couture. Its a one of its kind brand which specialises in providing women with the most comfortable pair of heels to women. For more than 100 years there had been no big innovation in the shoe industry when it came down to designing. Singh wanted to bring about the change by changing the physics of the heels. There is a mental piece around which the whole shoe is built and along with her team, Singh changed the design and material of this metal piece which would divide the wearer’s weight evenly all throughout.

A pair would cost you $900! Well! nothing this heavenly would ever cost you anything less. Dolly believes that anything which is uncomfortable cannot be luxury. Hence, she and her team have worked hard to provide their customers with the best of everything. Style and comfort are finally going hand in hand thanks to this lot! Hence, proving all Superheroes don’t wear capes, sometimes they are just women who want to look freaking amazing in their tall pair of heels!

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