In the book ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown, he says that we are living in times where technology upgrades no longer take decades or years to come but months. So you can well imagine that the world looked very different 10 years ago.

Would it surprise you to know that smartphones, the device and software you’re reading this article on did not exist 10 years ago? That it has been 10 years since you have been using WhatsApp? Seems surreal thinking how Twitter goes in a tizzy if WhatsApp is down for like an hour!

So here are 9 things that didn’t exist 10 years ago (please be warned, reading this may lead to shock, I-am-so-old syndrome and 10-years-ago-means-2007-not-1997 realisations – you have been warned):

1.     Social Media

Facebook (2004)

Twitter (2006)

Instagram (2010)

WhatsApp (2009)

YouTube (2005)

Even the term social media was coined somewhere in the early 2000s!

It was such an uncomplicated and offence-free life back in the 2000s (wow just that sentence gives me the heebie-jeebies)

2.     E-readers / iPads

The first iPad was launched 7 years ago, and at the time Steve Jobs called it “the best browsing experience you will ever have.”

The Amazon Kindle was released exactly 10 years ago and if Wikipedia can be believed, was sold out within 5 hours of its release!

3.     Consumer robots

The first consumer robot (that could do carpet cleaning) was launched in India in 2016! Not only house cleaning, but consumer robots are being used as personal assistants as well. Think of Baymax from Big Hero 6, just nothing that cute or cuddly.

4.     Google Maps / Google Chrome

Launched in 2005 and 2008 respectively, life without Maps and Chrome feels impossible now. Imagine a time where your only option was Internet Explorer or trying to find a place without the handy turn right in 500m – is that why people in the dark ages had more patience than us?

5.     Cloud

Well Cloud storage took its shape (wink wink) in the early 2000s but it wasn’t until 2006 that Amazon introduced a cloud-computing platform. Even now, every time I think I have a grasp on the concept, it slips my mind.

6.     Android

Introduced in 2008, Android has now become synonymous with smartphones. It seems crazy that Android wasn’t always popular. It opened to lukewarm response, with Nokia saying it didn’t see it as a threat (which in retrospect wasn’t the smartest thing to say, don’t you agree). As of now, about 2 billion devices run this operating system.

7.     Uber

Founded in 2009, it came to India only in 2012. It now operates in 633 cities worldwide and is the most valued startup at $70 billion.

8.     High-speed internet / 4G

As something which we cannot imagine our life without, 4G was introduced (not in India, obviously) only in 2009 and didn’t come to an iPhone until 2012.

9.     Airbnb

The idea was born in 2007 when the founders needed to make extra cash and decided to rent out their apartment. As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions; the portal went live in 2008. It is the second highest valued startup in US.

Suchita is a writer by day, reader by night and a problem solver and creator in-between. She loves to gossip and feel superior in her head. Her biggest achievement has been a comment on her blog that said she has a wicked sense of humour.