There are many places to stay while travelling, rooms for rent, but what makes a holiday special is an accommodation that will never ever escape one’s memory. A stay is made memorable not just by the concrete façade but people who come together to make the experience very close to your heart. Needless, to say a place so exquisite as Nepal will have places to stay that compliment everything that the country stands for. A rich history, a culture steeped in tradition and a society in sync with nature; all these aspects reflect in many a homestay and accommodations.
So, we picked out a few Airbnbs for you which we think best represent the essence of the nation. We are absolutely sure you will thank us later for these suggestions.


Tariff – Rs.1269 per night

In a mountainside village quietly ensconced and tucked away from the blatant throngs of tourists, Dar Kumari’s (lovingly known as Ama) homestay in the Damdama Village is quite the talk of the town! A traditional “Gurung” household, this two-storeyed mud house has 2 rooms to spare for its distinguished guests. Since tourism has not caught up with this village yet, the place is devoid of any touristy cafes and shops. Yes, this is the perfect place to enjoy the peacefulness of a mountain village. Experience the warm and excessively open-handed hospitality of the Gurung community, align yourself with mother nature and participate in a typical Nepali village life. Ama’s legendary traditional home cooked meals, which are included in the room cost will keep you wanting for more. Ama’s family members are eager hosts and are literally at your beck and call. You are happily invited to participate in the village chores like honey making, brewing the local alcohol “Raksi” or in the fields to do some farming. You could also take guided walks around the village or just bask in the breath-taking view of the Annapurnas as you lounge about in your homestay. All you need to do is just be mindful of their traditions and customs and they make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.


Tariff- Rs.1936 per night

Isn’t it amazing to stay at a place which has a story of its own to tell? This rustic, traditional brick house is built around a gigantic boulder of rock which was brought down from the Himalayas thousands of years ago. Needless to say, it upholds its very roots and provides an experience that is typical of its culture. The architecture is traditional, the interiors have a rustic brick finish and the large room consists of big windows that provide a beautiful view of the lake. The hammock on the veranda is just strategically placed for the guests to have an uninterrupted experience of the Himalayan surroundings. Their fully equipped and functional kitchen is just what makes the experience more private and local. Feel free to pick up herbs and vegetables from their kitchen garden. The neighbours ensure that there’s a full supply of fresh and organic fruits, vegetables and milk. If the peace and tranquillity of the area inspire you to indulge in some yoga, there is a Yoga studio next door. The place is just 3kms away from the Pokhara lakeside.


Tariff- Rs.3004 per night

Just the place to stay if you want to experience the views that Nagarkot is known for. We are talking about the wide view of the snow-capped Himalayas, the beautiful Himalayan sunrise and the Kathmandu Valley. Peaceful Cottage & Café Du Mont is strategically located on a hill, and has the most wonderful terrace for lounging, not to mention the terrific view from the restaurant patio. The rooms are of a good size, with simple and basic furnishings. Indeed, a peaceful and serene place, it should not be missed if Nagarkot is on your travel list.


Tariff- Rs.2337 per night

This one is for the solo traveller; an attic room sheltered in a beautiful Newari conservation project called the Yatachen house, right at the centre of the historical city of Patan. Welcome to a traditional home, decorated with antiques, carved wooden railings and spiralling iron staircases. The rooms are a modern contrast to the traditional architecture. Owing to its close proximity to the historical sites of Patan, the place is ideal to soak in all the history of the surrounding area. The adjoining balcony is the perfect place for relaxation. The common kitchen and the dining room are well decorated and equipped to take care of all your dining needs. Not to mention that all the popular restaurants are at a walking distance.


Tariff – Rs. 6,343 per night

This private house can host up to 4 people at a time. Set in a rural location, this exquisite bungalow provides a stunning view of the Fewa Lake and the Annapurnas. The design of the house is as mesmerizing as the view that it provides. You have to see it to believe it. Imagine a lavish porch, dinner by the fireplace, freshly cooked meals, day beds facing the lake to lounge about; it is a perfect setting for a calm and tranquil stay. The services provided are exemplary right from cooks, to grocery deliveries, shuttle services, laundry, barbeque, etc.
As the property is just about 30 metres from the Phewa lake, guests have easy access to activities like canoeing, sailing and fishing.


Tariff- Rs.801 per night

A homestay that is as homely and caring as it can get. Run by a traditional Nepalese household, The Pipal Tree Bread and Breakfast aims to provide the most authentic Nepali experience. the rooms are simple, clean and hygienic and are decorated the traditional way. The balcony is an ideal place to unwind. This Airbnb has a total of 5 rooms which can accommodate 9 guests. The hosts have a great knowledge of the surroundings and they not only help you plan out your itinerary but also make the necessary arrangements for the same. The lakeside is about a 15 minutes’ walk from the place.


Tariff- Rs.5000 onwards

If you are looking for something unique, then this shall definitely fulfil the criteria. It is not just an ordinary place to stay, it is rather a Heritage accommodation and a UNESCO world heritage site at that! Now, who wouldn’t want to experience that? An erstwhile traditional Rana Palace, Babar Mahal Revisited now houses 3 heritage rooms and 1 small apartment room aesthetically and tastefully done up traditional rooms with modern amenities. Needless to say, it is quite a plush experience. Every piece of décor is a work of art. The whitewashed architecture of the palace with its different courtyards is a sight to behold. The complex contains within it 3 restaurants that serve French, Nepali and Indian food. There are also shops that sell handicrafts, antics, jewellery and garments, a beauty parlour and art galleries within the premises. The Patan Darbar square is about 3.7kms from the palace, the Pashupatinath Temple some 4.4Kms and the airport is 6kms away from the palace.

Aren’t each of these a thing of beauty in their very own accord? We know it only makes it tough to decide which one to pick. We’d say check out each one of them if you can. All you need to do is make a carefully tabulated plan to cover them all within a short span.

If you plan to travel to a specific location, share with us the destination and we’ll have a list of exceptional Airbnbs nearby that you could visit for some authentic travels.

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