The best part of being human is that we know too well to express or suppress our emotions. We love giving mixed signals and create confusion in the minds of people. Women in particular really enjoy playing this game. There will be individual reasons for doing so and acting according to the given situation. But don’t be surprised if she suddenly knocks you off your feet by passing a random comment or just giving you that hot cold stare.

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To avoid being in such a situation where you don’t really know what she is thinking or what she is up to its best to read her body language and understand the subtle hints that she will be giving. Sometimes these hints can be a deliberate attempt or it can just happen unknowingly you know when you like someone. Let’s look at few of these signs which will help you identify whether she really likes you or not?

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Sign no.1: She will be Jealous


Women are very possessive. Not all but most of them. Talk about how cute some xyz is looking or try to spend some time with your male friends and see her reaction. If she gets unnecessarily fried up or shows tantrums for no reason, she is jealous indeed. Which means she likes you and wants you for herself 😛 While doing so, make sure you don’t go overboard and give her the wrong hint that you don’t care about her.

Sign no.2: She will dress carefully

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If you notice a difference in the way she starts dressing up when she meets you, she likes you. Women tend to be very conscious about they way they look and present themselves in front of people they like. She will definitely go one mile further and make an extra effort to look more pretty and dress the way you like or wear the colors which are your favourite! Keep your eyes and mind open!

Sign no.3: Taking interest in what you like

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First, she will try and find out what you like, what are your interests. You will then notice her doing things that you like to do. Be it watching movies you like, watching sports, reading the books that you have read or going to places where you like to hang out. She will do all this to ensure that you notice her attempt and realise she likes you a lot. What more, it’s the best way to bond with people who like to do what you like!

Sign no.4: She will laugh at your stupid jokes

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While you talk to her and she can’t stop smiling, you got her there 😛  Women tend to smile more and be happy with people they like. She will laugh at your cheesiest jokes and blush until you will give her a stare. There’s definitely butterflies flying in her stomach there!

Sign no.5: She will communicate a lot

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The messaging goes on and on and on. Even after a goodnight there are 50 more messages She just loves to talk to you and will share her innermost thoughts and take your advice. You are her man-Friday! If there is a problem she will first text you. This shows that she not only likes you but trusts you as well.

Sign no.6: Teasing and giggling

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If you notice her friends tease her when you are around it means something is cooking up there. Women share everything with their BFF’s. They are like their choice approvers! If you notice them giggling and cracking hidden jokes, it’s a definite positive sign for you to make your move.

Sign no.7: Eye contact

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When she talks to you notice the twinkle in her eye. It’s like her eyes are smiling. She will hold on the eye contact longer than usual while talking to you. Would seem like she is lost in your eye. You might also catch her off guard while she is just staring at you.

Women love to give the signs that show their interest. They love it when men make the first move and approach them. They will help you understand how she feels. A slight playful touch while talking or laughing, complimenting you, remembering things you said, or just being there for you whenever you need her proves that she really likes you.

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