While many people think that making love with your partner is just related to pleasure it can surprise you with great health benefits too. Well, it is true that pleasure is one of the most important part of sex, there are many other health-related benefits you can get by having sex on regular basis. Let’s not waste the time anymore and straight away jump into the sex-related benefits.

Here are 8 reasons why you should indulge in sex with your partner every day:

#1 Stay fit with a healthy heart:

Sex for healthy heart

No kidding here! Having sex not only produces the pleasure feeling hormones, it also helps you and your partner with a good healthy heart. A lot of research work has shown that people who have sex three to four times a week are less prone to any cardiovascular problems like heart strokes.

#2 Sex is the best Exercise:

Sex as an exercise

The words ‘Workout’ or ‘Exercise’ can give many people a very hard time unless workout means sex. Throughout sex, you burn a lot of calories as there are a lot of physiological changes similar to when you do exercises or workout in the gym. Regular sex will keep you fit and in shape. So, get on the bed for some real workout!

#3 Sleep well:

Sex for Good sleep

It is not just the mattress which makes you ‘SLEEPWELL’, good sex can also help you with the same. Get over your sleeping pills and start having sex regularly for a good night sleep. When you have sex the hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin are released which promote sleep. There is nothing new that most couples agree with the fact that a good sleep is the next best thing after a great session of sex.

#4 Feel and look younger:

Sex to stay younger

Having sex twice or thrice a week can help you look much younger. Sex releases hormones like testosterone and oestrogen which also have anti-aging properties which fight aging. As said by David Weeks that “It’s good for you to have good sex.” What more incentive do you need?

#5 The painkiller:

Sex as a painkiller

Sex can turn out to be a better painkiller than pills when you are experiencing aches, migraines or pains. This is because when you have sex the level of hormone oxytocin increases, and this endorphin help in reducing pains and aches. So, ditch the painkillers and start having sex regularly.

#6 Stressbuster:

Sex as a stressbuster

Are you stressed out with work pressure or other personal problems? People under stress are more prone to mental and other health problems. Not only having regular sex get you in a good mood, but people who have sex more than twice in a week can handle stress better and are a lot happier. So, good bedroom activity is the key to a happier life.

#7 Boost your immunity:

Sex to boost immunity

People who have sex twice or thrice a week have a higher level of antibodies compared to those who do not have sex regularly. During sex, antigens like immunoglobulin A are released which are proven to fight the common cold and even flu. So, the more frequently you have sex the more antigens will be released and the healthier you’ll get.

So, with this, we basically know that there are no downsides to having more sex. A lot of researchers has also proved that sex every day can bring you a host of health benefits. It also makes the relationship with your partner stronger and better.

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