People generally shy away from discussing sensitive topics like Mental Health and Illness, but there is a whole part of the creative fraternity, that is trying to empower people by making this an easy to understand topic for discussion by artistically portraying the real struggles and achievements of people who’ve suffered mental health problems.

Mental illness is as common as catching a cold and despite the ignorance has been the cause of sorrow for people irrespective of their age, social background or gender. Today on the occasion of Mental health Day, we urge you to watch, understand and share with others awareness about a topic that is more essential in our current stressful lives than ever before. Here’s a list of movies that will help you understand mental health a lot better:

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1. Kaasav

This is one beautiful film, which proves that there is so much talent and essence in regional film industry. It gorgeously portrays how people cope with depression and how one can help another when someone goes through a dark phase in their life. A Marathi film which is highly recognized by critics and well appreciated by the audience.

2. Inside Out

This animated movie deals with emotions and mental health to help teach children all about how to cope up with major changes in their life. Kids experience various emotions when there are life-altering changes taking place, for instance shifting cities and starting from scratch.

3. Silver lining playbook

Bradley Cooper portrays the role of a man, who is discharged from mental health care and starts living with his parents. He suffers from bipolar disorder. His mental illness costs him his marriage and career. This is when Jennifer Lawrence’s character makes her entrance and tells him that she is going to help him overcome his shortcomings due to his mental illness, if he helps her to enter a dance competition. That’s how both their journey of helping each other out starts.

4. A beautiful mind

Based on a true story, this film tells the audience about a brilliant mathematician, John Nash and his journey with paranoid schizophrenia. It makes us understand what a person goes through when they suffer through this illness. It makes us sympathize with John throughout his difficult journey.

5. Its kind of a funny story

Another one, which proves the point that any one can suffer from depression irrespective of their age and it can’t be detected so easily. With it’s funny take to mental illness this one is a must watch!

6. Lars and the real girl

With Ryan Gosling in the lead as Lars, this movie proves how someone who suffers from mental illness and nervous breakdown needs supportive people around him or her to make their journey an easy one.

7. The Machinist

Christian Bale as Trevor does complete justice to the role of a man who suffers from an extreme case of insomnia. He hallucinates and is often distracted by these mirages. Lashing out on his fellow workers while being blamed for a freak accident where one of the workers had to lose their arm was Trevor’s way of coping up with his extreme case of mental illness. Even though the movie ends with Trevor finally getting his much needed rest, but unfortunately there is no cure to Insomnia in real life.

Mental illness is as real as any other health issue and we urge people to come out in the open and spread awareness about it. So that anyone who suffers and struggles with it alone can seek some guidance to find a way out.

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