Dining out is not a need, it is an expression. It is something that all of us partake in as a welcome diversion. Boredom from monotony, birthdays and celebrations, romantic dates to sudden cravings for your favourite preparation; you always tend to know that exact place, that will satisfy any such expectation. You could be feeling somewhat “gourmet” or could be in a “street food” frame of mind but we all have our favourite eating joints. Restaurants there are many and the flavours they offer are immense; food is one thing where the choices seem to never end.

But what if we told you that there are places that offer more than just food, they offer experiences that are bound to lift up your mood. You don’t only get to eat here but also indulge in things that are peculiar and interesting; gone are the days when going to a restaurant meant just sitting and eating. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the list below, for these restaurants are unlike anything that you may know.


This is your favourite sci-fi movie coming to life. The dim ambience, neon lights, and the robot themed décor makes you feel like you just walked into a futuristic movie set. The highlight however is not the food but the waiters here who serve the food. Watch the Robots take over the humans and indulge in some hospitality. Yes! These manually operated Robots are designed to serve you food. The process is simple, all you need to do is place your order in the Tablet provided in every table which then directly gets conveyed to the kitchen. Once the order is processed, these lady bots set out in their prescribed magnetic paths to serve the order. Should you come in their path, don’t worry, they don’t go all terminator on you! They will either stop or tell you “you are on my way”. Yes, they are programmed to say things like “Please take it yourself” or “let me get back to work” etc. A unique experience for sure; watching those lady bots go about their business as you devour some nice South-East Asian Food.


Yes, the name has the ‘selfie’ mentioned in it alright! Hello! you selfie lover, this is totally your zone. What’s so great about it, if you are still wondering? Well, let us tell you then. You don’t just get to take a selfie but also have in imprinted on your cappuccino. Impossible right? But didn’t somebody once say, “nothing is impossible”? The imprint of your portrait is as edible/ drinkable as the coffee. What’s more, you can even get messages printed on your cappuccino if you are not in the selfie state of mind. This is probably the only café in the country doing this so far, it is a must try for a coffee with a whole new rather your own Avatar.


You don’t just order coffee here, but also your favourite superbike or sports car! Obviously, it comes at an extra cost, mind you it’s not complimentary with the coffee! But you could hire your favourite machine on an hourly basis or based on kilometres travelled. Unlike any other bike or car themed café, Driven café doesn’t just stick to similarly themed décor, but also lets you enjoy your favourite ride, as much as you want. They currently have a fleet of 150 cars, 50 bikes and 7 bicyles to choose from, imagine the number of visits it shall take to exhaust the entire squadron. Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Ducati , Harley Davidson, Triumph , Benelli , they have it all; this restaurants surely knows the way to a machine lover’s heart.


A taste of darkness to savour along with your meal; this restaurant offers more to its guests than just food in their carte du jour. An enterprise that enables us a little glimpse of the lives of the visually challenged by participating in workshops, an exhibition and a meal in the pitch dark, it is one of a kind experience that will leave you enthralled. To experience your food with just your sense of smell, taste and touch can be rather intense and enlightening, well, you’ll only know if you went there dining. A visually challenged dining guide takes you through the entire process; they are specially trained for this remarkable project. Pitch dark has never seemed so interesting before, this place is a must visit for the sake of the very idea that it upholds.


This one is not one of those fancy places, it’s an ordinary restaurant with an extraordinary concept. The tree of goodness is actually a refrigerator installed outside a restaurant named ‘Pappadavada’. Inspired by the idea of “coffee on the wall” in many countries, the owner of the restaurant Minu, decided to install the refrigerator outside where the people could bring left-over food from their homes to store. The restaurant itself contributes 50 food packets every day. A wonderful initiative for the hungry and the poor, this restaurant appeals to the empathetic and human aspect of our nature. It is the very concept of it that makes this food joint attractive and visit worthy, hats of to the lady for not just thinking about her business but also of those who are needy.

So, if you tired of the normal and the usual, these are the best places to experience something unusual. These places offer more than just food, you wouldn’t know it until you tried it yourself, would you?

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