Beach holidays at the most exotic locales is what seems to be the stomping ground for people across the globe. The sun-kissed beaches, the cushy resorts, the water sports or simply a long relaxing day by the beach; the general tendency is to think there’s not much to do apart from things such as these. But hey! there’s more to it than what meets the eye, all you need is to look “deeper”, literally! (hope the diving gear is close at hand) to see the sea in a different style.
If you are wondering already, about what else can there be, apart from the typical beach activities and exploring the marine life deep under the sea; then, let us just take you right into Davy Jones’s Locker to solve this mystery.


In the small island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean, is the world’s only underwater Post Office. Yes! You read it right! A Post Office. An interesting concept if you come to think of it, after all who posts letters these days in the day and age of the internet. The idea of snorkelling or diving down to the Post Office to send “waterproof” letters to your loved ones does sound a bit out-of-the-way; but what the hell, not every person in the world gets the chance to do the same. Located within the Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary amidst the most exotic marine life, the Vanuatu Post is surely a diver’s delight.


Those who take pride in having the visited museums that are the best of the best; they may yet have not visited the one that stands out from the rest. The ‘Museo Subacuatico de Arte’ (MUSA) is the world’s most famous underwater sculpture museum. An initiative to conserve the natural reef of the region, the museum is conceptualized as an artificial reef to attract divers and marine life alike. The submerged sculptures are made of special Ph balanced marine cement that allows for the growth of algae and coral, consequently proving food and habitat for the fish in its nooks and crannies. Located at 28 from the surface the museum has over 450 statues that can be accessed through diving, snorkelling or through a glass bottom boat. The sculptures are the creative genius of the famous British Sculptor “Jason De Caires” and 5 other Mexican Sculptors. To name a few famous sculptures from the museum; The silent evolution (with 400 human figures), The dream collector, Man on fire, Anthropocene (a Volkswagen beetle sculpture) etc. are sure to catch your eye.


Huwafen Fushi is an adult’s only private resort in the Maldives which claims to have the world’s first underwater spa. The LIME spa is situated 8 metres under the water has a large range of what seems like never-ending “snug a bug in rug” treatments with a live and direct view of the ocean all around you. Just to give you an idea, imagine a 150 minutes long treatment that includes massage, ice cube facial and drinks & fruits as you lounge about soaking in the view of the colourful aquatic creatures peeping in to say hi! The interiors of the underwater treatment rooms are themed around the ocean and the aquatic life; giving the entire set up the aura of merging with the ocean as you watch the life in the ocean transpire in front of you.


A room with a view personified; the underwater room at the Manta Resort at Pemba Island in Zanzibar is every diver’s dream come true. Imagine getting to spend not just a few hours but the entire night under the ocean in the company of its captivating denizens. The Underwater Room is an independent floating three-flour structure with a submerged master bedroom. The topmost level has an open deck to stare into the night sky or soak up some sun. At the sea level is the landing deck that consists of the dining and living areas as well as the bathroom. The master bedroom at the bottom sits 4 metres under the water. The bedroom has large glass windows on all sides that provide an almost 360 degrees view of the sea. What’s more interesting is the fact that the room actually floats in the middle of a real living coral reef. Thus, there is no dearth of the presence of aquatic creatures and their activities. Underwater spotlights placed at each window attract and illuminate sea denizens at night. What a perfect view to fall asleep to, right?


While dining out, it is always the ambience of a restaurant that sets the tone for the entire dining experience. While dining “under” the sea, why should it be any different? If the restaurant happens to be five metres below the surface of the sea and provides a 180-degree view of the corals and the fish swimming around it; wouldn’t it turn your dining experience into an odyssey of sorts. To add cherry to the icing, imagine being served course-wise meals with the most exotic contemporary European cuisine, cocktails and an indulgent breakfast! This is the “Ithaa” restaurant at the Hilton Conrad at Maldives for you; taking you to a different “level” altogether when it comes to restaurants with the most spectacular view.

Unbelievable as these may seem they do exist and its up to us how much we want to see or give them a miss!!

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