For a country so rich in history, sites of historical importance are bound to be in abundance. These sites are the representatives of dynasties, cultures, great battles, sacrifices and extraordinary lives lived. They now stand proof of what had once been. They silently fuel our inquisitiveness and fire our imagination. We could visit a site more than once, but we may never feel it’s true essence. We could gaze at empty corridors in wonderment and imagine the life that it had once borne witness to. But we would always remain spectators; uninvolved and unattached.

But what if we told you that there was a chance to go through it all, to participate and to feel the story as it were.  Yes, you heard it right, many historical sites in our country re-create their anecdotes with the help of sound effects and light projections, successfully taking us back in time to experience their story first-hand. These ‘sound & light shows’ as they are popularly known, do full justice to the stories of these places in the most authentic tone.

So, here’s a list of ‘sound & light shows’ that are a must watch. History buff or not, they are sure to appeal to every patriot.


To those who paid the price for our freedom, to those whose sufferings go beyond the description of words like torture and atrocity; the sound and light show at the Cellular Jail in Port Blair is an approximal tribute to the life of the freedom fighters serving their term at The Jail. Backed by a powerful and skilfully created background score, light set-up and voice-overs, the show leaves you shaken to the core. The ghastly punishments, the miserable living conditions and a life worse than death; all flash before your eyes as the Old Peepal Tree (the only living survivor) narrates the horrors of the infamous Kala Paani. A must visit for every Indian as a mark of respect for those who dared to rebel against the British rule and suffered grievously yet remained unbroken in the love for their motherland.


The Victoria Memorial is as synonymous to Kolkata as is the Howrah Bridge. A magnificent reminder of the city’s past which was the first chosen capital of the British. The ‘sound & light shows’ held at Victoria is resplendent with the history of the 300 years of British rule. With the help of narratives, sound effects and music, the show takes you through a journey that begins with the advent of the British and ends with India’s Independence. A walk down the memory lane, with the effects and changes of the British rule; to the cultural heritage of Bengal and the freedom struggle. The show is every bit the bearer of the pride and glory of the cultural capital of the country.


Watch the sprawling and majestic Golconda Fort come alive in the evening with this one of its kind sound & light show. The interplay of colourful lights, the narrative in the country’s most favourite voice i.e.  Amitabh Bachchan’s. The music tracks have been created by some of the leading musicians in the country and make the entire experience as royal as the heritage of the fort itself! The intrigues, the romance and the rule of the Qutub Shahi dynasty during which Golconda was at its peak is brought to life with great élan.


A glimpse of the history and life of the Rajput royalty, this sound & light show has been specifically scripted to showcase the glory of the Mewar dynasty. The technology used is state-of-the-art and it does present a powerful and majestic representation of Mewar. Going back to a span of around 1500 years, the show begins with the history of the Mewar dynasty at its very outset. The twelve episodes effortlessly replay the incidents of the bygone era that shaped the structure of the Mewar dynasty. The devoutness of its founding father – Bapa Rawal, the high-mindedness and heroism of Padmini, the saga of Chittorgarh, the sacrifice of her own son by Panna dhai to save the life of Uday Singh and much more. The legacy of honour brings Rajput customs to the fore. What’s also eye-catching is the refined elegance in the language of the narratives and poetry scripted by, Narendra Sharma, the court poet of the house of Mewar. A classic example of poetry in motion.


Experience the animatedly recreated history of Delhi across different dynasties and ages with this sound & light show. The ups and downs, the tragedies, romance, the action, Ishq-e-Dilli, is a pageantry of the past 5000 years of the history of Delhi. Featuring 10 cities that make up Delhi, the grand repertoire includes varied incidents like the love of Pritviraj Chauhan and Samyogita, the unfortunate death of Humayun, the accident of Sher Shah Suri to which he succumbed, the surrender of Bahadur Shah Zafar to the British in 1857, Delhi’s link with Mahabharata and Indraprastha and much more. Using the most elaborate and latest sound systems, high tech 3D and lazer technology and cutting-edge projections, this sound & light show stands out in its singularity.

So, here it is, a list for you to have a historical tryst. A shout out to those who shy away from History books; tada! We just served you history in an entertaining way!

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