“I am bored of Goa”, said no one ever! Let’s admit it, we all love Goa! It is that one place where we don’t mind going to, time and again. The parties, the beaches, the food and the shacks; everything about Goa is mesmerizing as it is glamorous.

But if you thought that these are all that Goa has to offer, then you have to visit it when the party season is over. Come off-season, Goa can be a quiet and a relaxing sojourn; a total contrast to the hubbub and hustle of the partying throngs.

If you find it hard to believe, allow us to shed some light on the other side of Goa that can be a peaceful and an unobtrusive time off with some perks of its own.

Travelling is cheap

Cheap Flight Travelling

The airfares take a dip as soon as the peak season ends; be sure to find some awesome deals with almost every plying airline. Yes, It means savings!

Massive discounts at luxury hotels

Luxury Hotels in Goa

One of the biggest benefits of travelling to Goa during the off-season is that the most sought-after luxury hotels provide discounts that are simply unbelievable. Keep a lookout for off-season packages; you could enjoy a lavish stay in 5 stars at very cheap rates. Ooh! All that pampering without burning a hole in your pocket!

Luxury Beach Hotels in Goa

Uncrowded beaches for perfect relaxation

Uncrowded Goa Beaches

Oh yes! The beaches are not packed with over-enthusiastic hordes. So, you can have that quiet, ‘me time’ or some romantic alone time away from prying eyes. Long walks by the beach or gaze quietly as the waves break on the shore; Goa beaches do have these in store.

Goa Beaches

A more local and native experience of Goa

Native Goa

Yes, you find the time and energy to actually explore more of Goa than the usual tourist spots. Apart from the beaches, there are wildlife sanctuaries, spice gardens, temples and many little-known places to be explored. Another good way to experience the Goan culture is by participating in its local festivals. Chikhalkala, a religious festival which symbolizes the various games played by lord Krishna involves throwing mud at each other in a mud field which is preceded and followed by some intense devotional singing. The Bonderam festival which is celebrated in August at Divar island in Panjim consists of mock battles, floats, processions, colourful flags; recreated to represent the territory battles between villages during the Portuguese rule. June 24th every year celebrates the Christian festival of Sao Joao; a carnival of folk dances, songs, floral, colorful uniforms, Feni and lots of pure Goan merriment. Need we say more?

Native Goa Carnival

A beautiful Goa during monsoon

Goan Rain

The monsoon reveals the lush and green side Goa. The weather is cool and pleasant; making it a perfect set up for trekking and other adventure activities. The Famous Dudhsagar falls which is at its full might with its milky water is a perfect trek for adventure seekers and nature trail lovers. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation also organises white-water rafting during monsoons in the Mhadei river.

River Rafting in Goa

Yes, there’s much more left to explore than what you thought. Didn’t we just give you another reason to visit Goa again, without having any second thoughts!

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