There comes a moment or moments, ever so frequently when you go “Wow!” upon seeing a place. A post in the social media, a scene from a movie, an excerpt from a novel or something on a travel show; there is no doubt that we all have earmarked places where we absolutely need to go. There is something or the other that always catches our fancy; beautiful houses, luxurious spaces, romantic settings, secluded getaways, one-of-a-kind homes or a dreamy environment, are we not always on a lookout for different types of experience? What attracts us to experience different landscapes is no mystery, it’s a simple yearning of the soul to make the most of our planet’s resources.

A true-blue traveller will leave no stone unturned to find the places that suit his/her tastes. Lucky for us, in this day and age of technology, a few clicks are what all it takes! Airbnb has become somewhat of a one-stop solution for all things bright and beautiful if you know what we mean! Having a home away from home or rather a home for your every predilection is no longer a far-fetched dream. It enables us to have a home in every corner of the world, though temporary, it allows us to get a taste of things that make our very souls stir.

So, here’s a list of most popular airbnbs that are a must try, for they are very popular and one of their kind.


A treehouse like no other, this one is definitely deserving of the title of the most popular property listed on Airbnb. A secluded retreat in the midst of nature, this urban getaway consists of three sets of treehouses that serve a specific purpose. The cabins are charming in a very rustic way and are bound to make you feel in sync with the natural surroundings. The three cabins named “mind”, “body” and “spirit” are interconnected with suspended bridges with fairy lights that give the place a touch of magic. ‘Mind’ is the sitting room that consists of couch, chairs, a coffee table and antiques with a story of their own. It is that kind of a place that inspires you to sit back and relax and bask in the lush green view from the balcony. ‘Body’ the bedroom, up in the trees, is bound to be a scene from your dreams. With a bed that can be rolled out from the room into the adjoining platform should you feel like sleeping under the stars or are in the mood to enjoy the wonders of the stream underneath. ‘Spirit’, is the circular hammock deck built around a 165-year-old Southern short- leaf pine tree is where you find yourself surrounded by the very elements that the treehouse stands for. Now, if this doesn’t get your imagination all fired up, then we don’t know what will.


Collecting seashells by the sea is one thing, living inside one is another, unless of course, you are a snail or a hermit crab or something like that. We don’t exactly dream about spending time inside a seashell unless we are one of those kids with the wildest and vivid power of imagination or are a big fan of the “little mermaid”. But, jokes apart, this property is nothing short of a masterpiece and thereby making it a foregone conclusion to say that is much in demand when it comes to Airbnb. Situated at the cliffside on a tiny island, the two seashell houses are legends of the area. The smaller shell comprises of one bedroom with a king size bed, a bathroom that is themed around, let’s guess, shells! Ha! Ha! with the shower head being a large conch seashell. The bigger shell is a two-storeyed bungalow, with a sitting area and a kitchenette on the ground floor. Not to mention the “half bath” on the same floor. Moving onto the second floor, comes the master bedroom with an elaborate bathroom and a balcony that overlooks the pool and the beautiful Caribbean Sea at a distance. This private property quiet, calm and serene and it does come across as a sequence from a tropical daydream.


Well, it does look like a mushroom if you come to think of it, thanks to the geodesic dome that sits at the top. An eco-friendly cabin beautifully ensconced amidst 10 acres of woods; this is the kind place that oozes serenity and bliss. Yes, the breeze from the woods, the sound of the ocean at night, the view of the stars through the partially glazed dome, the incessant flitting of the hummingbirds, if these aren’t the natural ingredients of bliss, then we don’t know what is! Coming to cabin design, there are two floors, the octagonal main floor has a kitchenette and a couch that can double up as pull out bed. The loft under the dome serves as the bedroom which is both cosy and romantic and something that you will only get to experience once in a blue moon. The deck outside cabin, under the shade of oak and madrone trees, is fully equipped should you feel the need of a good barbeque; this tiny house is really big when it comes to experiences which it can give you.


When you hear the word “cave house”, you may wonder what sort of cave they want us to stay in, right? Well, definitely not the ones from the stone age, just to make things clear. Though that would be an interesting experience too, living the way our great ancestors lived! But, coming to the point, this is not your average cave house. For starters, there’s nothing dark and dreary about it, think, the famous blue and white backdrop of Santorini. As if this wasn’t enough, this 250 years old cave house, which was once a wine cellar carved into a cliff, is now a full-fledged holiday accommodation. The beautiful white façade against the blue backdrop of the Santorini sky and sea makes it a breath-taking living space. The traditional architecture and interiors, needless to say, have been well preserved, for the most authentic look and feel. The bedroom is in the loft while the living room has two single sofa beds and the kitchen is well equipped. But what steals the show and blows your mind is the private veranda. Oh yes, that view, while you sip your wine or enjoy a meal; it’s nothing short of heaven. A bird’s eye view of Santorini and a wide view of the volcano, the Caldera cliff, and Thirassia Island; you can just stay put for the longest time and soak it all in. Not to mention the plunge pool which we think is the cherry on top against all the Santorini backdrop.


This is the stuff of fairy tales and Hollywood fantasy & epic films. One look at the cottage and you’d half expect the seven dwarves or Bilbo Baggins to walk out anytime. But, don’t you worry, they don’t bite! Well, all joking aside, the place is real as much as it is surreal. In a completely rural setting, with farms, a vineyard and friendly locals for neighbours, this magical property kind of takes you back in time if not completely off the grid. It is handmade, with sustainable natural materials, and exudes a sylvan charm with its open field filled with sheep, gardens and orchards. There is just one bedroom, a bathroom, a living area, a kitchen; all done up in a rustic way, not to mention the wooden beams and the unique wooden staircase. Suitable for two, this cottage is definitely one hell of a stay.

Amazing, huh? Just when you thought that you had heard and seen it all! This world is indeed a stage where the artists are free to create their favourite landscapes. Not trying to sound too poetic about it, what we want to say is that each of these properties is worth a visit.

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