If only Miranda Priestley could see Zara’s 2018 Spring-Summer collection which comprises of a skirt with an uncanny resemblance to your dad’s favourite piece of clothing, The Lungi! She would probably call it “Groundbreaking”.

The much loved-hated fashion brand made it to news again and this time for a skirt which looks so much like a Lungi! Well that’s not it! They have priced this particular piece of clothing a whooping 6,000 INR! And you know what! Twitter users were not letting Zara get away with this easily!

Before you see all the funny tweets! Take a look at the much talked about Lungi Skirt. Yes! That’s what we have decided to call it!

The lungi has come a long way from the streets of India to the streets of Paris and Milan!

Some people are calling out Zara for cultural appropriation while there are others who are just amused!

What are your thoughts about this trend? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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