Mumbai based fashion designer whose name is not disclosed was arrested on April 9th on charges of raping his two daughters, aged 13 and 17.

The crime came into limelight when the minor confided in her mother about the siblings’ ordeal.  The minor told the police that her father raped her when the mother was asleep in another house. The girl also stated that her monstrous father threatened her with being thrown out of the house and getting no expenses for education if she ever spoke of the crime.

The father of four also abused her 13-year-old sibling in front of her. And when she stood up for her sister, the father abused her too. The 13-year-old told the police that her would threaten to kill her 3-year-old brother whenever she would ask of his actions.

The elder sibling confided in her mother after constant threats to be thrown out of the house along with the mother and being sent to engage in ‘sexual activities’ with other men to make money. When the mother confronted him, he abused her as well.

The mother then lodged a complaint with the police following which the monster-dad was arrested and faced with multiple charges under the IPC and POCSO. The father is being remanded in police custody and the girls are placed in a shelter home where they are away from the nightmare that made a place in their home.

We appreciate the police doing their efficiently and the girls finally being freed. But we do have one, tiny concern. Since this monster’s name is not revealed, most of us won’t be able to recognize him. I won’t, my loved one’s won’t, you won’t and neither would the loved one’s you care about. I personally don’t believe there is redemption for a person who wreaks havoc in his own daughters’ life. Hence I won’t accept the argument that even he can learn from his mistakes.

Also, this person is a fashion designer based in Mumbai. So the misconception that rape only happens where there is no money or education goes out with one fell swoop after this incident. So, to all those who say that somebody cannot be ‘bad’ because of their financial or educational situation, rethink.

This is also a good example for all the victim blamers. I don’t think there is anything that can provoke a father’s sexual desire upon his daughter. This wouldn’t have happened only and only if he was a good father. And nothing could stop it since he was a monster at heart. Hence, revealing clothes, having drinks or having chow Mein, nothing causes rape. Rapists cause rape. So do not victim shame. The survivor is going through enough already and don’t need stupid ass opinions about how somebody’s inability to keep it in his pants is the victim’s fault.

Lastly, my opinion about the punishment given to these sexual predators is too subtle. These people deserve to feel the pain that their victims might face all their lives. More specifically, death by stoning. Which is the capital punishment in Iran. I’m pretty sure seeing somebody crucified and literally killed by the people at large will motivate everyone to keep their dicks in.

How’s that as some food for thought?

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