This is the excerpt taken from the speech of India’s most popular orator.

First Question

From where does Naxalites, terrorists get weapons? All this come from foreign countries and borders are in your control. Border Security Forces are in your control. Take care of things which are in your hand. Don’t let weapons from foreign countries land in the hand of terrorists. I have not received any answer to it.

Second Question

Terrorists receive money from havala. Entire money transaction is controlled by the Indian government. It’s under RBI, done through banks. Can’t Prime Minister keep watch on this transaction and ensure it lands in your hand rather than in the hands of the terrorists? What are you going to do about it?

Third Question

PM tells us infiltration happen from the international border. Infiltrators command terrorist activities and escape. Prime minister of this nation tell us, borders are in your hand, coastal security is in your hand, BSF-army is in your hand, Navy is in your hand then how come infiltration is happening? You answer the question, you have the means to stop it.

Fourth Question

All the communication is under Government of India. Any communication over call or email can be interrupted by GOI. By interruption, you can know what all communication is happening under terrorist activity. I want to ask Prime Minister of this nation, what have you have done on this front?

You can watch the video where a common man of India is asking these questions to Prime minister of India –

Credits: HW news