Twitterati’s will never run short of content to make fun of. Whether it is a political remark or a grammatical error by an actor, people are always set to have some fun. While the instances have been many, the most recent one features MS Dhoni’s epic split during the India vs New Zealand match on 4th November. What turned out to be a disappointing end to the match for Indians has nevertheless turned to be an excellent opportunity for the meme community.

Dhoni has always been an excellent runner and his stumpings as a wicket keeper are world class. However in this match he decided to take one step forward. Like literally!

Source: Desi Comics


We do believe he is a multi tasker but such acrobatic moves has left us stunned! And along with us, there are these people on social media who also believe the same 😛

Have a look at some hilarious memes which left us rolling on the floor!

The obvious comparison had to be with Ajay Devgn… We are not surprised.. Rohit Shetty I hope you are seeing this!

When it comes to Indians, food is always, always a priority 😛

Talking about elasticity..


Well, Baba Ramdev’s Yoga was not far behind .. For obvious reasons!!

Let’s play some other sports ..

Posted by All India Bakchod on Sunday, November 5, 2017


Posted by All India Bakchod on Sunday, November 5, 2017

While twitter had its own share of Fun, Photoshop users were not far behind!

Dhoni photoshop
Source: Zeeshan sharique


Dhoni meme
Source: Abhishek Ratnawat


MS dhoni
Source: Aarzoo Garg


Dhoni Hitler
Source: Hetarth Chopra


Dhoni meme
Source: Naman tulli


What happened actually
Source: Hrithik Chaurasia


MS dhoni meme
Source: Rohit Agarwal


Dhoni fidget spinner
Source: Manoj Mehta


Source: Kull Deep


Dhoni Tiger
Source: Mihir Gohil


Dhoni Split
Source: Maseer Ur Rehman


MS dhoni
Source: Virendra Vaishnav


Dhoni Clock
Source: Hrithik Chaurasia


Dhoni Bomb
Source: Prakhar Chanchal


Not sure about you guys, but this, did leave us in Splits 😛


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