After 9 years of contemplating, the day had finally arrived!
I had had a cavity in one of my teeth since a long time now and after getting a root canal done, I was too lazy to go back for another session to get it capped. It had been 9 YEARS since my root canal and the walls of my teeth were falling off one by one. Finally, one of the most crucial walls fell off and I started suffering from excruciating pain in the said tooth.
I slept with cloves under the affected tooth for two nights until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to book a dentist’s appointment.
It was a dreaded time the moment I sat in the seat and the glaring light was on my face. She opened my mouth and my mind started racing…

1. I Brushed my teeth before getting here but I hope she is not getting the stink of onions from the chaat I had before that.

2. Oh, shit! I should have had Pizza instead. I will not get to have it anytime soon.

3. Ok, that light is too much on my face. I can’t see what’s going on.

4. That looks like an injection for a horse.

5. I am not afraid of injections, lady! Shit, it’s going to penetrate my gums. That’s going to hurt bad!

6. I wonder how many people gargled using this cup, before me.

7. Ok. All set. Time to face the monster tools!

8. OMG, what’s that noise? Is she trying to break my tooth or collapse an entire building wall?

9. Something broke and fell on my tongue and it feels bigger than what I expected my decayed tooth to be. Did she break the adjacent tooth? *Panic Attack*

10. I am going to go home toothless.

11. Should I ask her to take off all my teeth and give me dentures instead? That will solve my uneven teeth issue without me having to wear braces, too! Yes, let’s end this forever!

12. Oh, shit! I didn’t ask her the fees. I am not sure if I have enough in my wallet to pay her.

13. She’s got the drills out! I am sure she thinks I am the unbreakable wall.

14. What angle is that! You can’t sleep over me to get my teeth off! Dear husband, are you watching?

15. Why do drilled teeth smell like burnt hair? Or filed nails? Or worse, electrocuted mosquitoes!

16. When will the tooth fairy have mercy on me?

17. How much wider do you want me to open? It’s my mouth, not my legs.

18. I can feel my lips tear now!

19. She extracted the final root. Time to rejoice!

20. Now I can pamper myself with my favourite ice cream!!!

21. I never knew ice cream could STING!

22. Time to take off the cotton.

23. Am I allowed to gargle the blood out of my mouth? OMG! Blood ocean.

24. It’s been almost two hours and the anesthesia hasn’t worn off.

25. Face back to normal. I am ok. The world hasn’t ended. It wasn’t that bad. I think I might get the other decayed tooth pulled out too!

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