Alia Bhatt turns 25 today. Born in the Bhatt family, she is the daughter of famous filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt and his actress, Soni Razdan. Just being so young in age Alia has achieved a lot already in life and strives for more. She debuted as a leading actress in 2012 with the movie Student of the Year. Her second film Highway showed her talent in different limelight and opened new horizons for her as an actress. She has worked on various films which cater to romance, drama, comedy and  tragedy. Her versatility in acting and adaptation to the character she plays, makes her one of the most talented actresses of today.

She is currently awaiting the release of her movie Raazi scheduled in May 2018. On this occasion, Karan Johar released her look from the upcoming movie where we see her as simple and beautiful Kashmiri girl lost deep in her thoughts…

To celebrate her birthday, she also instagrammed the below picture which showcases a still from the movie Raazi and the trailer launch due after 25 days…

On her birthday, let’s look at some lesser known facts about her.

1. All her close people call her Aloo 😛

We all have nicknames. Some might be loving some might be funny. In case of Alia, its Aloo which also means Potato 😛 Not sure if it was because she was overweight or because it syncs well with her name.

Be your own light. Happy Diwali ✨

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2. She does not want to marry a guy like her father

Usually girls expect their man to be like their father. But not in the case of Alia. She has always been close to her mom and only got close to her father once she started working in Bollywood.

two point oh.

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3. She gets attracted to smell first than any other thing.

So if you are planning to woo her, here’s your cue 😉 Also she prefers wearing men’s perfume rather than female scents.


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4. Alia wants to marry a man who can be her best friend and make her laugh.

All the men in the house, please prep up and improve your sense of humour!


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5. Her first celebrity crush was Shahrukh Khan, second celebrity crush was Shahid Kapoor and current celebrity crush is Ranbir Kapoor.

happy birthday SR 😘😘

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6. She also took part in a campaign for PETA to raise awareness about homeless animals.

Source: Peta

7. She gets very nervous while travelling by air.

This may sound unnerving especially when you have to travel places for work. We feel you Alia!

Never lose your sense of wonder 🤔

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8. She is born as an atheist.

Her father has raised her as an atheist which is why she does not follow any religion or believe in God.

A BFF moment with daddy 🐒🕶

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9. She is so flexible that she can twist her knee clockwise and touch her toe to head.

Time and again she has proved she is extremely flexible. Just like twisting her hand in Koffee with Karan show!

Look ma, I can fly!! #girlpower #antigravityyoga @fsmaldives

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10. She hates candlelight dinner

Ok, so if you plan to take her on a date, this ones out! We told you, she is not an easy catch 😉

Water baby for life 💦

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11. She can sleep for fourteen hours at a stretch.

We feel you on this one as well! Who wouldn’t love to sleep in this world of running around and craziness!

wake me when it’s summer 👙☀️

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12. Alia considers Parineeti Chopra to be her biggest competition.

She is not only talented but she respects her competition as well. Though being such an affluent actress she does consider her friends giving her tough competition to survive.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

13. She likes to paint lions.

This is definitely surprising and unexpected!

14. Alia Bhatt had lost 15 kg within 3 months by personal training and strict dieting for her debut movie Student of the Year.

Source: GM weight plan

15. She is an expert handball player.

No doubt!

Yaaaaaas.. Monday motivation 💪💫

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16. When she wants to feel sexy she wears anything black.

We would love you in any color Alia!

calling out your name..

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17. She has a major craving for dahi or yogurt and orders a portion even when she is eating Italian and Mexican food.

She is indeed just like you and me 🙂

18. She is very good friends with designer Masaba Gupta and they call their gang of girls as ‘Spice Girls.’

Source: India Marks

19. She wants to own a house in London.

We are sure you will, soon!

@shaheenb takes sneaky pictures as I walk and talk.

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20. Alia maintains her zero figure by practicing Ashtanga Yoga two days in a week, which help her stay calm and keeps her skin glowing. She starts with a few cycles of Surya Namaskar in the morning.

21.Alia makes paintings with charcoal to relax in her free time.

Thatssssssss me 👈

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22. She is very fond of eating French Fries and relishes them at any time of the day.

Source: Book my show

23. She loves to indulge in Kheer, Rabri, and Pasta and drinks lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated. She like an idli with sambhar with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

24. Alia is actually an introvert in real life.

Moon bathing 🌙

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25. She has taken training in music from A R Rahman and learnt dance from Shiamak Davar’s academy.

Listen to her!

She will be now seen in Raazi in May 2018. Besides this, she will also be seen in cameo role in Zero movie in December 2018 and is currently filming Gully Boy and Brahmastra which will be releasing in the coming year.

We love you Alia for who you are and what you have achieved. We wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead! You are indeed our girl next door!


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