Indian Short Films are way underrated than we think. However, with up and coming actors and directors as well as the well-known lot now starting venture more and more into short films and directly appealing the digital masses, they are finally catching the digital audiences’ eye. Here are a few must-watch ones that are way better than some of the highest grossing movies / comedy / action / horror, et al. They  truly make us appreciate the talent and ponder upon pressing matters.

1. Bypass

Taking a lesser-known route? Beware.

2.  Syaahi

This one will hit you right in the feels, especially if you are a parent.

3. Mamta Tonic

You don’t know what real horror is unless you watch this.

4. Khamakha

If you are someone who judges people at the say of a word, this one is sure to teach you right from wrong.

5. Taandav

It is sometimes necessary to let loose, so your problems can loosen the grip on you.

6. Kheer

Can you find love after you’ve lost the ‘perfect’ age? Find out:

7. El’yaichi

Can a clingy husband truly let you make your own choices?

8. The School Bag

If only the mother would trust her instinct and not fall prey to her melting heart.

9. 11 minutes

Remember the ‘No Smoking’ ad starring Sunny Leone? It was a short film.

10. The Manliest Man

Female infanticide exists. But is it applicable for everyone? Watch for yourself:

11. Interior Café Night

Another couple rekindling romance after years of separation.

12. Ahalya

Most of us have seen this on but it sure makes it to the list.

13. Kriti

Another mind-boggling Radhika Apte starrer.

14. That Day After Everyday

This one stars Radhika Apte too and has an amazing message to deliver in today’s trying times.

15. Juice

The man of the house gets the shock of his life when the wife picks up a glass of juice to cool down after a tiring day.

16. Chutney

What does it take to petrify the mistress of your husband? Just a spine-chilling story to let her know you are aware of the ongoings even though you are from a small town.

17. Khujli

How do you spice up your sex life, being a middle-aged couple? Watch to know:

18. Khaney Mein Kya Hai?

How to help your mom spice up her sex life? Watch to know:

19. Going Home

Is a girl really safe? Watch this one to know:

20. Little Hands

Who is truly your best friend? You only know in the exam hall.

21. Dharmam

This one is Tamil, but comes with subtitles so you’ll still understand.

22. Aamad

Some promises are kept even after death.

23. Jai Mata Di

Mumbai might seem progressive on the outside but only live-in couples know how regressive it is from within.

24. Aai Shapath

Do false promises on the mother’s name really put your mother into trouble?

Which ones have you watched and which did you fall in love with?

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