Filmmaking is a complex and highly involved art. Millions of dollars are spent to create a masterpiece to be enjoyed by the entire world. Screenwriters put a lot of time and effort into crafting intriguing plots for their movies, weaving complex characters and themes. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they sound really stupid if you sum their plot up in one line.

Here are 20 times people explained a film plot so badly it was hilarious.

1. Elaborate murder as an effective teaching tool.

2. “But DAAAAAAAAD, Hela broke my Mjolnir!!!”

3. Oh my god.

4. Now that you mention it, the Ant Man costume could pass for some oddly specific leather fetish outfit.

5. There definitely enough space for two on that door. Rose is the worst.

6. Also, there’s a killer soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar, but yeah pretty much…

7. You forgot to add that The Rock’s in it.

8. And it wins the Oscar for Best Picture.

9. Results in this actual restaurant.

10. Captain America: Dementia Soldier

11. The Lion King with better technology.

Also, performance-enhancing drug flowers.

12. Would also work as a summary for Game of Thrones.

13. VR Pocahontas in space

14. Flying monkeys attack.

15. A story of how true love overcomes the fear of STDs.

16. People fight over a briefcase and a woman can’t hold her buzz.

17. In the end, the protagonist goes to jail for tax evasion.

18. I’d watch this.

19. I just imagined all of them sitting down with Dr Phil.

20. Eccentric billionaire torments mentally ill man.

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