I had a spare chocolate wrapper and was fidgeting with it thinking what I could make out of it other than the same old boat that I remembered from kinder garten classes. That’s when I stumbled upon this YouTube Channel called Easy Origami. I skimmed through the videos and figured that it is easy for kids, parents and office-goers (who have a bit of spare time on their hands). So go ahead and try your hand at these quick and easy designs and make a masterpiece of your own. Pick one of the videos from below and start making this beautiful paper art called Origami.

1. Turtle

Love these little amphibians? Try this:

2. Claws

Watched Black Panther and are now a fan? This one’s for you:

3. Birthday Hat

Make your best friend’s birthday a nostalgic affair. Make them a birthday hat to remember.

4. Crow

While the Almighty might have gifted you with black crows, this video will help you learn your own and give them the colours you personally would love to see them in.

5. Battle Tank

Do your nephews and nieces love monster vehicles which are too expensive to gift? Worry not. Make this cheap and easy one and teach them too!

6. Moon

Hate it when you have to wait to see the moon after new moon day? Make your own and give it a pride of place in your room.

7. Banana

You don’t need to love the taste of Bananas to enjoy this one:

8. Bookmark

Book-lovers rejoice! This easy bookmark makes sure you don’t have to use the free one that comes with your store-bought books nor spend a bomb on the fancy ones. Learn one, make as many as you like.

9. Butterfly

Easy-peasy little insect.

10. Heart

Missed gifting your girl something for the Valentine’s? Gift her a piece of your (paper) heart.

11. Sapling

Unable to keep the real deal alive for long? Try this paper version and brighten up your work desk.

12. Fish

Like plants, your fish die too, I am sure. Make yourself a tankful of these and you’ll never ever regret not having a pet.

13. Paper bags

Do the planet a favour and chuck plastic bags. Make the paper ones (try using recycled paper, if possible) instead.

14. Rose

Gift it to the love of your life just to brighten up her day.

15. Wind Spinner

There is joy in making something with your own hands. This is one such joy.

16. Diamond

Can’t afford a real one for her right now? Gift her one she can keep at her work desk and admire when she thinks of you.

17. Dragon

We know you are not Khaleesi and can’t have your own dragons but you can make yourself some.

18. Bed

Helping your students set up a doll house? Help them start with this inexpensive masterbed for their doll’s bedroom.

19. Rabbit

Keep your office stationery in these cutesy bunny baskets and add some colour to your dull work-corner.

20. Bracelet

Gift the little ones in your family with this cutesy piece of art:

Try the ones you love and share with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to give our Facebook page a thumbs up for such interesting stories.

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