“What up everyone it’s your guuuuuuurl Superwoman”

Lilly Singh or better known for her YouTube avatar – Superwoman, has been declared Creator of the Month by Twitter for her humour, talent, activism, positivity, and we are stoked!

Since her channel debut in 2010 where she ditched the traditional ‘do a masters after graduation’ route, her videos have accumulated about 2 billion views and 12 million YouTube subscribers. Starting the channel as a means to combat depression, Singh went the whole ‘Indian girl talking about Indian things’ but soon realized girls, parents and basically humans are the same irrespective of their race.

In honour of this talented, BAWSE-woman, here are some of her best tweets and videos. Enjoy!

#1. In case you were wondering where your parents fall in the cool spectrum

#2. Life advice from the queen

#3. How to French kiss 101

#4. Crush, crush, baby

#5. How to keep your health resolutions

#6. Who else wants to slap DJ? *don’t try though, have you SEEN his arms?*

#7. You secretly agree with her but would NEVER accept it because then you’ll be removed from the Game of Thrones Fandom

#8. How bad and stupid commercials are

#9. Some of her amazing collabs

Selena Gomez:

Priyanka Chopra:

Will Smith:

Nick Jonas:

Jena Dewan Tatum:

#10. #GirlLove – we support you

Bad Moms:

Michelle Obama:

#11. When long hair makes you turn into Samara from The Ring

#12. To all those who say #NewYearNewMe is bullshit: words for you

#13. Same girl, same

#14. Some tips from the lady herself

#15. If her videos make you want to quit and start a channel, first go through THIS video

#16. JK, JK (took me a moment to realize it means joke…huh huh…I’m old)

#17. We gonna share!

#18. How do you know what a guy wants?

#19. This may be old but it is still gold

#20. If only people knew how ridiculous they sound!

So which one is your personal favourite gig by the Superwoman?

Suchita is a writer by day, reader by night and a problem solver and creator in-between. She loves to gossip and feel superior in her head. Her biggest achievement has been a comment on her blog that said she has a wicked sense of humour.