When you are working in a different country, especially in a country like Saudi Arabia which is infamous for its strict rules, you have to make attempts to know and live by the rules. But, evidently, these 17 Filipinas forgot about it.

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17 Philippine expats got arrested after a complaint from the neighbourhood regarding loud noises. The intelligence officers raided a compound in Riyadh and detained the women who were indulged in Halloween party.

It is not sure about the charges issued against them but Saudi rules prohibit unattached men and women being seen together in public. Not just the women but even the organisers of the party are arrested and charged for holding a party without proper permission.

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Mr Adnan Alonto, the Philippine ambassador in Riyadh, has issued an advisory reminding the Filipino population in Saudi Arabia to ‘refrain from organising or attending events or gatherings that are unsanctioned or without permission.’ He added, ‘In addition, everyone is reminded to avoid mixed crowds, consuming liquor, and holding public practice of traditions that are associated with religions other than Islam, such as Halloween, Valentines and Christmas.’

Despite a lot of population in Saudi Arabia being non-Islamic, the country does not permit practices of any other religion other than Islam in public.

The party got a trick and treat which they never expected.

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