1. The Deathly Hallows Symbol

The one tattoo you’ll be willing to take all the pain for. And Whoa! It does look classier in watercolour!

Source: Imgur

2. Compass

What better than a forever compass to show you the right direction, always!

Source: Aces High Tattoo Shop

3. Feather

You know you have a better feather than most birds when you have this!

Source: Pinterest

4. Globe

Our Earth is beautiful in all forms – real as well as inked.

Source: Pinterest

5. Alice

I’d love to be lost in this watercolour wonderland. Wouldn’t you, too?

Source: Imgur

6. Ornamental Mandala + London Skyline

Showcase your love for a city and intricate art with something like this.

Source: Pinterest

7. Cheshire Cat

If you find another creature as colourful and as sinister looking as this one… Leave the image in the comments below… Simple. 😛

Source: Phoenix-tattoo

8. Bouquet

Who needs a man to send you bouquets every day when you can gift yourself this tattoo wonder!

Source: Tattoodo

9. Lotus + Geometry

Nothing can look as marvelous as this!

Source: Skin Deep

10. Batman

Ever seen such a colourful Batman?

Source: Glamour

11. Venice

Flaunt your love for the city on your skin.

Source: Joel Wright Art

12. Turtle

Love these cute amphibians? Get them on you till death do you part.

Source: Tattoo Map

13. Geometry

Get circles, squares, rectangles or simply triangles, like these.

Source: Glamour

14. Horse

If a flying horse is your spirit animal, let the world know!

Source: Tattoodo

15. Carrier Cycle

Carry your birth-home on your favourite vehicle, wherever you go.

Source: Tattoo Map

16. Superheroes

This is every comic-lover’s dream come true.

Source: Pinterest

17. Dragonfly

Won’t you love to have a calm and surreal insect tattoo like this one?

Source: Ink Locations

Do you have any watercolour tattoos that you’d like to show-off? Post them in the visitor section of our page and we might feature them on our next edition of this blog post.

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