We all know that mango is the king of fruits. We have been told so since childhood. Hence, we consider Alphonso the king of kings because it is the most sought after, thus, top selling variety as soon as the mango season starts. However, we can also, sadly, say that it is the most over-hyped variety as well. So much so that it overshadows the other 18 varieties that we never notice come and go on the market, making Alphonso most expensive of all. These 18 should be reason enough for you to switch because you will surely end up fall in love with one or all.

1. Badami

While the Alphonso we all so love and have comes from Maharashtra, this one is known as the Karnataka Alphonso. They are the closest to Alphonso when it comes to taste and texture.

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2. Chaunsa

This sweetest variety comes from the Northern region of India. However, they say, the best ones come from Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan.

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3. Dasheri

This mango variety is so juicy, it is pulped with the skin on and had directly from the tip where the stem ends. Mango juice from the source itself.

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4. Neelam

Best identified by the red colour of its skin, unlike other mangoes, this variety is small in size and high in fragrance. Mostly available in the south of India, it is Hyderabad’s favourite mango and is usually found in abundance in June.

Source: inetfarms.com

5. Kesari

Falling into one of the most expensive variety, Kesar or Gir Kesari comes from Junagar in Gujarat and are famed for being turned into delicious aamras.

Source: Good Fruit Guide

6. Safeda

This yellow coloured, slightly sour variety with edible skin, originated from Andhra Pradesh and is loved country-wide.

Source: Ease My Trip

7. Pairi

Pairi is the next best thing to Kesar when it comes to making aamras. It is extreme;ly sweet and ionly slightly sour and has a reddish tinge, just like Neelam.

Source: Aankhodekhi Today

8. Himsagar

Originating from the East region of India, this mango is fibreless and has a creamy texture, perfect for smooth desserts. It is sweet, green from outside and ripe from within.

Source: Ashra Fresh

9. Totapuri

Easily identifiable due to its parrot-beak like shape, this is the mango you get to see outside schools, often in its unripe form, sprinkled with salt and chili. It is also used to make pickles, chutneys and used to garnish chaats and dishes of various types.

Source: Grofers

10. Langra

Originally from Uttar Pradesh, these mangoes are famous around the central and eastern regions of India. They get their unique name – langra, which literally translates to ‘lame’ or ‘disabled’, from the disabled person who first cultivated them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

11. Mulgoba

Known as the Alphonso of the South, this mango is huge in size and big on taste.

Source: The Mango Place

12. Raspuri

Drop-shaped and rich in flavour as well as texture, they get their name because they are juicy and delicious. This variety is known as the Queen of Mangoes in Karnataka.

Source: Ixigo

13. Imam Pasand

This lest know variety originates from Andhra Pradesh and is cultivated in Telangana and Tamil Nadu as well.

Source: Organic District

14. Amrapali

A hybrid between Neelam and Dasheri, this one is a mix of red and green colours and is a fragrant and delicious variety.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

15. Rajapuri

Bigger in size than the other varieties, this variety is well-known for being used in pickles, chundas and murabbas.

Source: The Food Samaritan

16. Gulaab Khaas

Known for its rosy flavour and aroma, this mango is red and round in shape, resembling a rose in many aspects of appearance, fragrance and taste.

Source: Indian Link

Which ones have you tried and which one is your most favourite from this list?

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