Yes, we know there is more to seafood than just prawns! But it takes a lot of effort to get the prickly bones out of fish and fish fillet or oysters / squids / calamari / crabs / lobsters aren’t as readily available everywhere as prawns. Moreover, not every base or gravy is meant for every seafood but prawns beats them all. Here’s a list of dishes that the hassle-free, readily available seafood goes best with and we’re sure there are more out there that we don’t know of, yet. So, feel free to comment below and let us know that favourite prawns dish that didn’t make it to our list.

1. Prawns Koliwada

Batter dipped, deep fried prawns from the western coast of India are the best appetizers you can begin your first course of meal with.

2. Prawn Coconut Curry

When you head to the South of India, the coastal regions serve you with the spicy counterpart of your favourite Thai curry prawns.

Source: Pinterest

3. Tandoori Prawns

Who cares if the tandoori way of doing things was North Indian or Mughlai, as long as tandoori prawns are available wherever you go!

Source: Dazling Goa

4. Prawns Pickle

Can’t find a dish to accompany your rice or bread? Fill the void with this tangy prawns pickle, instead.

Source: Kitchen Corner

5. Daab Chingri

This dish, made in tender coconut, comes from the East of India and is a local favourite. Don’t miss out on this when you next visit your best friend from Kolkata.

Source: Food See

6. Prawns Biryani

Biryani being the one favourite dish of billions of Indians across the globe, how can this prawns version not make it to the list!

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

7.  Prawns Pakoda

We all love a few snacks to go with our evening tea. But if the snack is so enticing, we can have tea any time of the day!

Source: Saute Fry n Bake

8.  Prawns Masala

This easy to whip up and easier to wipe off dish is all you need when you are desperately craving for a seafood dish to down with your beer with.

Source: Bhawish’s Kitchen

9. Prawns Chutney

Idli, wada, dosa, bhakri, roti, chapati, dal-rice – this goes with everything!

Source: YouTube

10. Prawns Pizza

This is the combination we would love to eat every day of our lives.

Source: Food To Love

11. Prawns Chilli

This seafood is available in any and every cuisine of your choice.

Source: YouTube

12. Butter Garlic Prawns

Who doesn’t love this basic, yet tongue tantalizing recipe!

Source: Purple Bowl

13. Prawns Bruschetta

It couldn’t get better than this!


14. Prawns Soup

Oh, that warm flavour of seafood passing down your throat on a dull, hectic Monday; soothing your soul!

Source: Taste

15. Egg Prawn Rolls

You know your day is made when you have this for breakfast!

Source: Egg Recipes

16. Prawns Carbonara

When your pasta has basic seasoning like salt, pepper, butter and garlic, add prawns to change the game!

Source: Pinterest

Which one are you dying to try right now?

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