Chocolates, perfumes and flowers are old-school when it comes to gifting your Lady for Valentine’s. Pick something unique and she will love you more, for your thoughtfulness. If you don’t know what to get, let us hand-hold you.

Note: DopeWope DOES NOT get any proceeds from your purchase.

1. Engraved Wine Glasses

For the times when she needs space and a little bit of wine to fill it up with.

From Amazon:

2. Socks Set

This set of polka-dotted socks in cute colours will keep her feet warm on the days when you are not around.

From Amazon:

3. Personalised Cutting Board

What better way to remind her of you or you of her when y’all pick the cutting board when you have to cook for each other.

From Amazon:

4. Rose Necklace with Initial

Whether or not her name is Rose, she will love this necklace because it still has her initial on it.

From Amazon:

5. Heart Sweater

While this sweater may be in black and white, this caring gift will make sure she knows that your love is not.

From Amazon:

6. Hearts Ring

Don’t have enough money to buy her a solitaire, yet? Gift her this sterling silver, rhodium plated hearts ring and keep her happy for the time being.

From Peora:

7. Heart of the Ocean

While this is not the original one, it is a perfect replica of it and man, will she be floored after taking a glimpse at this marvelous creation!

From Peora:

8. Foot Spa Machine

You know how much her feet ache in those tight work shoes or those party heels. Give her feet the relief they deserve with this.

From Amazon:

9. Bath Robe

A little something that makes her look hot right after a bath and if she wishes, can step out of the house in, too!

From Amazon:

10. Tall Teddy

A companion for her when she feels low and needs a hug but you are late to get to her.

From Amazon:

11. Polaroid Camera

An instant camera for when she wants to save the best of the memories she’s made together, with you.

From Amazon:

12. Personalised Puzzle

Gift her the pieces of your life help her put them back together for a fun, Valentine’s night game.

From Amazon:

13. Curtain Lights

Star shaped lights for the star of your life so she can light up her part of the room with elegance.

From Amazon:

14. Tea Infuser

This white swan tea-infuser subtly tells her she is not the ugly duckling, while she sips on her perfect brew, thinking of you.

From Amazon:

15. Animal Robe

Something fun to take off during your long make-out sessions.

From Amazon:

What’s your pick? Comment below.

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