Yo! All you Pizza lovers out there, this one’s for you!

1. Deep-dish Pizza

The deeper it is, the better it gets.

2. Stuffed Crust Pizza

So that the fussy eater like you can eat the crust too!

3. Layered Pizza

Pizza or cake, what would you prefer?

4. The King Slice

One slice is better than the whole lot.

5. Pizza cone

When you want bite-sized goodness to fit in your hands.

6. Half and half Pizza

So that you don’t have to share your favourite toppings with your partner.

7. Metre-long Pizza

An endless journey of joy!

8. Nutella Pizza

When you can have pizza for dessert too!

9. Naan Pizza

Two of your favourite things, in one!

10. Breakfast Pizza

Complete with the goodness of eggs and the creaminess of avocados.

11. Pizza Rolls

Swap cinnamon rolls for this instead.

12. Pizza Calzone

Why have Pizza in a set look and feel when you can experiment this way!

13. Neapolitan Pizza

The original baap of the lot.

14. Spaghetti Pizza

When you can have anything and everything Italiano.

15. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

For the ones on a diet but still don’t want to miss on their favourite dish.

Which ones have you had and which ones would you love to try?

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