Kommune is a collective of artists, producers, patrons, collaborators and art lovers who want to discover and nurture creative performance art ideas. They bring to you the best in live performance art, created and performed by none other than the best in the business. Be it the heart-warming power of storytelling, the mesmerising capabilities of poetry, the enchanting charms of theatre; they’re constantly on the look out to hunt for the next idea that will leave you mesmerised!

Here are some of the best performances at Kommune which will leave you speechless.

1. Humble beginnings and dire circumstances often demand sacrifices and compromises; Kommune’s resident slam poet Shamir Reuben saw his parents make countless ones without complaints. With an intensely powerful poem called “Everything’s Fine”, Shamir narrates the one lesson his parents unconsciously taught him, that stayed with him forever but left the close friendships in his life dangling by a dangerously thin thread.

2. Being an introvert can be a (quietly) frustrating and tiring process for many. Being one herself, Rabia Kapoor decided to speak up for her kind and came up with a rib-tickling, witty and thoughtful spoken word poem that leave you in equal parts of awe and admiration!

3. Actress – TV anchor Mini Mathur found herself in a perplexing predicament; forging an uncanny relationship with a stranger inside her phone. A beautiful tale about the nature of human bonds, Mini’s story is one worth hearing!.

4. When Arjun Narayanan stepped into the city of Chennai, he despised it. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong; but if there was an out from his misfortunes Arjun was determined to find it. One day, the tide turned in the most unforeseen of ways for Arjun; and the city taught him how to start all over again. In one of our best stories from Chennai, this is your perfect weekday motivation!

5. Mocked and ribbed for being single for five years, writer and slam poet Shamir Reuben pens down his reasons for keeping a distance from love. “Why I Don’t Fall In Love” is a powerful spoken word poem that combines personal experience and an undying fear of commitment

6. With little to spare when she arrived in The City of Dreams, actress Tisca Chopra’s life seemed to spew chaos the moment she started pursuing her dreams of becoming a stellar actor. With no house in the city and a tormentor-in-chief as a landlord, here’s Tisca’s fabulous story on how she took that first step towards the silver screen, all thanks to a massive twist of fate!

7. In her 19-year-old existence, Rabia Kapoor remembers numerous memories where people around her defined what she felt about the world. But what Rabia also realizes is that since 2003, her thoughts and actions may have unconsciously damaged one of the most special people in her life. In a heart-wrenching note to her younger brother, Since 2003 is Rabia emptying a cauldron of unspoken regrets; all for another chance to rewrite the script.

8. With the new President of the United States, Donald Trump’s openly anti-Muslim stand, the rise of ISIS and the widespread Islamophobia around the world, being a Muslim comes with its own set of stereotypes and challenges. In this goosebumps-inducing, powerful poem titled “Hindustani Musalmaan”, Hussain Haidry echoes his sentiments about being an Indian Muslim. This one will leave you speechless, we guarantee that!

9. Growing up with a speech impediment left Yoshika Verma with a lot of torrid memories. From social stigma from her own friends to facing ridicule even at home, everyday was an uphill battle to overcome a thousand challenges. In a truly heart-wrenching tale told by a woman who’s learnt to take her stammer in her stride, this beautiful story will open your eyes to a more sensitive and humane understanding of the battles certain people fight every second in their lives.

10. A school is often more than just an institution. Within those four walls are a lifetime of unforgettable memories. So when Rakesh Tiwari set out to find his school, he expected to get hit by a tide of overwhelming nostalgia; but he instead saw something that led to this beautiful poem.

11. The immensely talented lyricist-poet-songwriter Kausar Munir reads her incredibly witty poem on the current state of affairs in the country, titled “Yeh Kavita Abhi Shuru Nahi Hui”. Magical!

12. After losing his mother to Cancer, writer and slam poet Shamir Reuben wrote a birthday letter to his Mom with the things he couldn’t say now, but wished he had.

13. For something as widespread and devastating as depression, we hardly give it the time or the attention it deserves. To those who suffer from it, depression cripples you into an inexplicable silence. To those who’ve never experienced it, it wraps itself in an invisibility cloak and makes its presence visible only through sights and sounds that we generally turn a blind eye to.

14. Ever since he was a kid, Anshu Mor was gifted with an elevated sense of smell. Combine that with his sharp observations, and you have a story just waiting to happen! So right from an age of innocence to one where he started his own enterprise, Anshu puts together a beautiful plethora of experiences from his life, brought alive with his amazing spirit, and woven together by memories he remembers mostly by the way they smell. This one will definitely overwhelm your senses!

15. Ask someone who’s been caressed by the rustic, simple charms of village life, and they’ll tell you that no other place ever feels like home. Ask Rakesh Tiwari, and he’ll perform a magical poem about googling his village, and being transported back in time where nostalgia came alive with a tide of emotions!